Lace Frustration

I didn’t work on the Mystery stole last night-i looked at the chart, saw all the symbols and my brain said “UGH NO!” so i played online and worked on my slow and boring cardigan for 4 slow rows.

So tonight i made myself work on the stole and after one row i have run into problems-i just can’t seem to make it thru a row without missing a yarn over. I was one stitch short on the right side and i found where i forgot a yarnover and fixed it. Went back to working on the right side one row 153 and now SOMEHOW i have one stitch too many!!!!!!!! and i dont even feel like dealing with it so here i am back online.  I was afraid this would happen-i hope this doesnt discourage me and put me behind i really wanted to try and stick with it week to week so that way i can see the finished stole withe everyone else and not later. But i will just take a breather again and work on it tomorrow or maybe try and fix my row later.  I just hope i don’t have have to deal with this every row-i was being so careful.  ARRRGHHHH i just want to yell and stomp LOL i know i am being so silly but the last 10 rows of Clue 2 and now just beginning clue 3 and i am having problems. 

well i feel better-glad i have a place to vent to.

Hope the rest of you making this are having better luck with your stole.

Good night.

2 thoughts on “Lace Frustration

  1. Let me cheer you up a bit – missing yos happens here, too, also slipping the stitches which go down several rows and frogging lace is not a piece of cake!… But I’m trying to be positive about it and leave the Stole when I’m tired and not able to properly concentrate on it, so I could enjoy it when I’m ready for it! *^v^*

  2. Sorry you’ve run into a problem. I have gotten to the point where I only knit the stole when I am awake and alone. The going is extremely slow since I am nearly always tired and nearly never alone. Good Luck!

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