Some Things

Omi’s arrived here well and we are enjoying our time together.  The past two days we have been out from morning until late afternoon and today she is with my mom so Little Man and I are enjoying just vegging out at home in robes and comfortable clothes.  I can already feel the colder weather making me lazy.

But it isn’t making Omi lazy-Here she is giving Little Man a piggy back ride.

I love that she can still do things like that, some great grandmas don’t or can’t.

Craft-wise i finished a friendship bracelet

and Started some socks.


This is the first clue from Through The Loops Mystery Sock by Kristin Kapur-Clues can be found here (Rav Link). The 2nd clue won’t go up until next wednesday so you can join without being behind if you want.  She is doing to versions of the sock, a simpler one and then one that has a small cable. Come Join the Fun.

And to end on a sweet note :)-Here is Little Man painting the cookies we made yesterday.

Have a great weekend!!

Hubby’s Bracelet and Little Man’s too

Hubby’s Bracelet, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.


More bracelets from the Misanga Promise Ring book.
i really love this book. And there are still so many i want to try. I want to make one like Little Man’s for myself-it’s a great quick bracelet and then on to more new stuff.

I have been chugging along on my MS3 Hopefully i will have a clue 6 pic tomorrow i still have about 15 rows to go.
Monkey Socks are also doing well-i was actually moving along really quickly on them but then i set them aside to work on the stole and the bracelets and i tweaked my room a a little bit, cleaned it up and computered so they are only just past the gusset on the first sock. i was so sure i would be on the 2nd sock by now. I am just trying to do so much. i need a couple more of me.  🙂 

Good Night!

One more thing

bracelet, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

I had a really nice Sunday and i even finished my bracelet today!!
I am super happy with how it turned out.
My strips are a bit crooked-but nothing major-i just need to work on keeping my tension even from row to row. Hmm sounds kinda like knitting.
I can’t wait to work on more! I have promised hubby a bracelet for over a year now so the next one is going to be for him. He even agreed to let me make this new style for him versus the other one he had chosen. I am quite relieved about that because honestly i just wasn’t in the mood to make the other one. Which is why after a year he is still waiting for a bracelet. That will change after tonight!
Well that’s all, i just wanted to show the finished bracelet. Good night!

Saturday Update with some bad pics

On Thursday i said i would post a picture of my sock pal’s package. Here it is:


Her socks inside one of those plastic chinese takeout style boxes, some Zinneas, a magnet and a memopad with her initial on it and a storage case with some stitch markers.  I also added a leather bookmark that has a spot for a picture after taking this shot. 

I have one of those storage cases and it is super handy-i have stitch markers, measuring tape, darning needles, fold-up scissors, stitch counter and a crochet hook for dropped stitches in mine. It is so much neater than my makeup case that i was using before so i thought maybe my pal might like it too for this or some other storage 🙂  I hope she likes her package, most of all her socks and that they fit properly!

Today has been a pretty laid back day. I even slept in a little, that was nice.  Before lunch i finally(!!!) started a friendship bracelet from the Japanese Book i ordered a few weeks ago, Misanga Promise Ring.  It was a bit tricky at first and i am still getting used to the knotting that they do.  It’s basically backwards to what i learned when i was a little girl but it makes a beautiful pattern on the front and back so it doesn’t matter which way you wear it and i really like that.  I also love learning something new and it has been fun so far. I had a bit of trouble photographing my progress but i hope you can kinda get the idea.


I also worked on my Stole last night an today during Little Man’s nap. I finished up chart G and only had to back track one time because i forgot a yarn-over on row 47. So thing’s are going along pretty well.


You really can’t see much detail-i didn’t put a lot of effort into taking the picture but i felt like taking one to post 🙂

It’s almost ice cream time-Yum 🙂 Hope you all are having a good Saturday!

p.s. If you have a Meijer grocery store in your area you should try the Meijer brand Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream-It’s really yummy 😉

I have been really wanting to bake something lately. I don’t bake as much in the summer because with the oven on my kitchen is 100 degrees but tomorrow i am going to make my grandma’s apple cake but with pears. Hope it’s good with pears i have mostly made it with  apples and one time I tried necterines but hubby didn’t like that one as much as i did.  I’ll let you all know how it turned out and take a picture too!