We have…

A body and a head!!!

I like his head and he doesn’t even have eyes or anything yet but i can already see him slowly forming.  The pattern for Gromit is written to be knit flat and then seamed together but phooey on seaming!!! So i am going to try and knit as many of his pieces as i can in the round. 

We are starting to have some signs of Spring here!! It has been a bit warmer and tomorrow even 60!! I have some of my tulips sprouting up in the front of the house and one lone one on the side of the house that is a bit taller since it gets more sun.  I am very excited, we have had such a cold winter this year so i am ready for the Sunshine!! (Yes, when it get too hot in the summer I will be back on here complaining it’s too hot and bring on the cold. lol I am a Spring and Fall girl all the way)

Happy Monday and hope things are warming up in your area as well!

What’s On and Off the needles

Things are moving very slowly over here.  I have too many things going at once-i don’t know how other people do it and get stuff done 🙂

To keep from neglecting my poor blog i decided to update my progress on my Wip’s because there has been some.

First up is the Mystery Shawl i started the last week of June:

Poor thing still looks the same.

In October i started some Mystery socks from Through the Loops:

I really liked this pattern but i think i made them a tad to big and on one i seriously messed up something on the heel and i just wasn’t happy with them so…

Frogged.  I will be coming back to the pattern one day soon!

In January i realized everything i was working on was kind of complicated. So i decided to cast on for the Combo-T Corset by Annie Modesitt for some good quality travel and mindless knitting.  It has been perfect for that. The only time i work on it is when i take Little Man to his Karate and Fitness classes so not a lot is done but i am getting closer and closer to my 24 inches with every class.

To satisfy my need for a blanket of yarny goodness and because i have made no progress at all on my blanket of sock-yarn squares i thought i would try something quicker…Crochet

This is the Soft Wave pattern from Jan Eaton’s 200 Ripple Stitches.

My colors look a bit truer in the bottom picture but my yellow and turqouise  aren’t quite so loud.

I have a crochet curtain waiting for some curly strands and so it’s hanging patiently in the window like this

And to add to all the craziness i have started a new pattern…Yeah i know can you believe it but my mom requested Gromit for easter to keep her Shaun company and at the time i thought “Oh no problem i will be all caught up on my backlog.”  I was wrong.


After Gromit there is going to be some serious WIP butt kicking around here, it has gotten way out of hand. Who let it get this way????  All you designers need to stop making so many good patterns just for a couple months 🙂

And hopefully Little Man will forget just for a little bit that he wants me to make him This.

There is some really good unrelated news .  I had another visit to the retinal specialist today and my eye looks great, fluid was all dried up.  Yippee.

Must Go Knit…

Knitting Goddess

My mom’s birthday was last Friday and with all my catching up from Christmas knitting i really didn’t have the time for a bigger project to make for her.  I got her a couple books of her wish list, a super cool vase and some other small things.  I did want to throw in something small and handmade so i made her a little goddess.

Well okay it’s not really a goddess but that what i like to call her.  She is a Sit-ster from The Natural Knitter.

I just used some scraps of yarn for her body and hair. Malabrigo, mohair, crazy yarn with fluffs in itI really like how she came out-kind of bohemian. She has pipe cleaners in her body so she is nice and bendy and makes for some fun.

It was an easy knit and went quickly,  I would like to make more of these-for myself 😉 and others.

My mom hasn’t opened her gift yet so i am not sure how she liked it but i think she will.

I haven’t made much progress on my old projects but i did start a new one 🙂 🙂 🙂  Something cute for Little Man, hopefully for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a paw-only 3 more to go. Those little fingers are a pain to make but i am thinking happy thoughts.

Yesterday we went to Ikea to for a comforter for hubby and ended up with a bit more than planned.

Goodbye Little Bed

Hello Big Boy Bed

Little Man loves his new bed and the little fort area on the bottom. I like that it opens up a bit more floor space because he needs it with all the stuff he has-it’s amazing how quickly things  multiply and take over.

This morning after his first night in the bed-i asked how he slept and he said “Really Good and i put my head out”  At first i thought our from under the canopy thing and he said no the pillow.  Ohh, see Little Man has a star and planet night light (also from Ikea) well once that turns off he puts his head under his pillow to sleep because he is afraid of the dark in his room.  So i think that’s a good sign that the new bed is a winner 🙂 yay! I want one too 🙂

FO and What’s on the Needles

I have been absent for the a little while and it was mostly due to my illness and once i finally started getting better i had to play catch up on everything.  This one was a bad one and i don’t think it’s gone yet. I think it was a Sinus Cold or something along those lines.  It was something i had never had before and i had this headache mostly in my forehead and moving my head to much especially up and down made it all worse. I still have a very small headache but nothing like what i had last weekend.

But i have gotten some knitting done. While i was sick it suddenly hit me how close to Christmas we are getting and if i want to make anyone anything i better figure it out.  I started with my grandma in Germany since i have to mail her package out by the first of December to make sure it gets to her on time cause you just never know with the postal service especially if you are sending something overseas. 

Omi asked for another Bainbridge Scarf (pdf) and i was happy to oblige. She picked the yarn out herself while she was here. It is Patons Rumor, an acrylic and alpaca blend yarn.  Rumor is a bulky yarn so i had to make some adjustments to make it the same size and the one in the pattern.  I ended up using size 9 circulars and cast on 90 sts and then followed the pattern.  For the ties i only cast on 2 stitches and worked as in pattern. It’s an easy and straightforward pattern and i am glad Omi liked her first so much that she asked for another.

Next up is my mom:  I have a Shaun planned for her and maybe one more thing-we’ll see.

I have his head, head fluff, neck, body, tail and one leg done. I was able to work everything but his front leg in the round so far to cut down on seaming.

Then i got some yarn on Ebay and Ravelry

to make this for Little Man but i don’t think it will be a present i just want to make it because i really liked it the moment i saw it in the magazine, Verena Stricken Winter 2007/08. I actually forgot about until i decided to go through all my mags and try and clean some out that i know i just don’t need.

And we can’t forget about Cosima-i am almost done with the left front panel but i got to where i start decreasing the neckline and it’s not hard just very wordy and do this so many times on these many rows and your eyes kinda cross and your brain starts to hurt as you reread to make sure you understand and start figuring out in your head 🙂 and after a few rows you start to decrease for the armhole as well so you are doing 2 things at once. I decided to set it aside until i got better and was alone to i could sit down and write it out a bit easier for myself-that’s my goal for tomorrow because i really should have finished this cardigan by now.

whew, i think i am all caught up and this should be the last of these extended breaks.

Batman, FO and a new WIP

Halloween went really well this year and Little Man had a good time. We did twice as many blocks as last year and he didn’t complain about being tired.  i did notice that there were a lot less houses that passed out candy this year but i wasn’t really surprised and we still have a huge bowl of candy that calls to me every time i pass by it.

Yesterday Little Man got to wear his costume one more time. They were doing a special activity related to their new exhibit Out of This World. They had lots of cool outfits from different movies and TV show. Important to my boys was the Star Wars for the older boy and Batman for the younger boy 🙂 Here is Batman himself by his Bat-mobile!

The exhibit was pretty neat but they has some activities listed on the website page that we didn’t find at the museum and there wasn’t anything posted about where it was supposed to be.   That has happened there before or they have the activities that are related to the exhibit in an area that is nowhere by the exhibit. But one shouldn’t complain after all it was free since we are members.

But on to some knitting. I have had a FO since Wednesday to show off!!

Project: February Beret

Dates: Oct 10-Oct 29, 2008

Yarn: Caron Spa in Ocean Spray

Needles: Size 5 in 16 inch circs and then Dps

Notes: Easy pattern, kinda dragged on for me not sure why. Yarn i used was splitty and a pain sometimes when i was trying to do K2togs with my not so sharp and point needles. But it is so soft and i really like it for the beret. I didn’t really make any changed to the pattern. I did knit the lace for maybe a half an inch more but that wasn’t really intentional it was just when i stopped. Also when i picked up sts from the I-cord edge i just picked up one stitch per stitch instead of the amount she had in the pattern and then when it was time to increase i didn’t increase as much since i already had some extra stitches. I did it mainly because that was easier than trying to figure out the spacing to increase evenly.  I have the tendency to avoid those kind of things if i can 🙂  All in all good outcome and easy pattern.

Even though i have plenty of WIP’s i have started a new project-Cosima from Berroco booklet #281.

I am already zooming along on the back piece-it’s fun knitting with this bulky yarn(Lana Grossa Due, discontinued)  and getting so much done!! 

The pattern is turning out better than i thought it would with this yarn so i am very pleased about that. Knitting this back piece was a bit of a pain at first but now it’s easy peasy.  Since one half mirrors the other half there is a lot jumping around when reading the chart but you get used to it quickly. 

I am worried that i won’t have enough yarn but i already knew that going into this and when i picked the cardigan so i may have to make my sleeves a little shorter. No big deal at least its not a surprise when i am nearing the end 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Can you believe it’s November already-time goes by so fast, treasure it!

WIProgress Report

Hey All! i have done some very laid back knitting since the completion of my mittens 🙂 But i have so much going on i figured maybe it was time to catch everyone up on where i am on all my projects.

First Up: My Goddess Mystery Shawl.  I just completed my third clue and did 2 rows of the super long clue 4, it can only be shown in blob form but its growing.

Next, my crocheted curtain, This pattern is from the Simply Knitting  magazine from the UK. I believe it is in the June issue.  This is a bad picture but i have it hanging in the window to give you an idea how it looks so far.  I still have to make all the hanging tendrils but i need to do some measuring and math first to see how long. Originally this was designed to go in the door but i like how the light shines through the pattern in the window so i decided on that instead.

Then we have a new project i started (insert sheepish grin)  The Alligator scarf from Morehouse Farms. I am loving this so far. It is so cute!!  i have 3 more back ridges than pictured.

I also pulled my Barn-Raising squares back out-i have 5 green ones and started a 6th square with leftover Fruit Salad yarn, just to change it up for a bit, i was getting tired of the green. But no picture for those.

Last but not least an FO:

I believe i mentioned that Little Man’s Rhino requested a sweater so right after the mittens i got to work on that.

It turned out better than i thought it would. Rhino and Little Man were both happy with it as well.

I used some scraps of Caron Simply Soft in Gray-Rhino’s favorite color.  Made a Swatch and went from there.  I worked the front and back seperatly, did a 3-needle bind off on the shoulders and then sewed the sides seams.  The sleeves were then worked in the round. I picked up the sts around the armhole and knit until desired length.

Rhino even has some matching mittens but i haven’t been able to get a picture of those yet. Next up he wants socks in Christmas colors and a hat, not sure what color that will be yet.

Whew, there is a little catch up on all that’s on the needles-Here is hoping some of those get off the needles soon-Like the Goddess shawl 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I am still on the first mitten.  Dudes, these are intense.  Very Intense.  For whatever reason i seem to clench or tighten my hands when cabling and after about 10 rows my hands are aching quite terribly. I feel like i am getting nowhere. But i am close to the end. I am repeating one of the cable circles because it seems i have long hands and the mittens as written would be too short.  Of course that is not a big deal but it means the mittens will take be another tad longer than i hoped.  They are already taking forever.  I do so hope i can finish these for the Ravelympics. I had such high hopes but my confidence is starting to dwindle.

I don’t know how some knitters out there managed to to crank these out like nothing but i have much respect!!

I haven’t been keeping much track of everybodies work but i am sure you are all doing great!!

Short enough break for me must get back to my mitten!!