Hello My Friends! how has your week been? Mine was really good, Little Man had some days off from work and school and we did some shopping, hanging out and enjoyed each others company. I’ll share some of that and a dinner I made with you tomorrow.

Today’s post is a bit more for me but I am sharing it with you as well in the hopes that it will help me stick to my changes a bit better.

In August 2012, I had reached a point with my health and weight (mostly weight) that i just was not happy with. I had hardly any energy and could happily have spent my days doing nothing. I decided, No More. I changed my diet and started exercising. Blogilates was a huge inspiration to me and made me feel like I could do this. A lot of her workouts were a bit to hardcore for me, some still are. She is just so positive and such a cheerleader that even though I wasn’t following everything she did, she totally helped. I did a lot of her recipes and tips. I also started walking several times a week. Since this wasn’t my first time “dieting” i had several workout dvds and a whole Zumba set of dvds and I got to work! it was not easy but it wasn’t long before i started feeling better and wasn’t so tired all the time. After a year I lost 35 pounds and i felt awesome and was so much more confident in myself and in my body.  The best part was not having some lame excuse for my son when he wanted to run around or do something outside. The following six months I kept up with everything and was doing good.

The last six months, not so much. I am tired and lazy again. I have returned to a lot of my bad eating habits the #1 of those is just killing the sweets when any are in the house. I have quit exercising, or i will do it for a couple days to a week and then i let the excuses kick back into gear. I hear my smart me yelling at me to Stop! But I don’t listen to her, I have put 15 of the pounds I lost back on. You can’t really tell but i can tell you…I am feeling it.  And I don’t like what I am feeling. I don’t want to become that Woman or that Mom again. Not only that but i know that eating this way is harming my body.

So, tomorrow I am back on the Healthy Wagon, I am back to taking care of myself the way I should be. I am back to being the better me that I know I can be.  I am mainly focusing on my eating to start with. I do plan on making a schedule for myself to do some sort of workout activity, but i am going to ease in with that. I don’t want to overwhelm myself and I know that my eating habits are really my greatest concern.

Thanks for reading my story and if any of you out there are contemplating a change, don’t wait!! Set a Goal, make a plan and let me know about it, I’ll be happy to cheer you on! We could all use someone standing in our corners supporting us through it all, especially the slip-ups.

Have an awesome week!