This is a peek into my life and all my crafty stuff.  I mainly knit but i also like to bead, crochet, sew and make friendship bracelets.  I’m married and i have a little man that i love and who is just so much fun.  A lot of the stuff i have made has been for him or me 🙂

I don’t worry about punctuation-i never have i just write what is in my head so if your a stickler for that kind of stuff-this is not the blog for you to read.

I do talk about my son a lot because he means the world to me.

Sometimes i just babble about nothing and can be quite boring or make no sense.

I don’t write daily but i am trying to write a few times a week. That is still a goal in progress.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Friend – I just skimmed through your blog and I like it. Here a few responses I thought while reading your posting:
    – I especially loved “Max in the potty”, luv it!

    – Your hair cut does look really great.

    – one reason I dont have a blog is because of the pressure to blog every day. I know i dont have to and lots of bloggers are once every few days but I feel like I’d me that once a month blogger. esp if I had low readership. But I’m using Ravelry as my blog training to determine if I really want one and if I can keep up with it. So far i luv ravelry but its more about of free patterns, pics/ideas of others’ projects than it is about sharing experience knitting the item, although I always try to include positives and negatives I faced on the project.

    – I’m also a pesty person when it comes to dealing with Customer Service reps over the phone. Everytime I call I get someone different, the person I spoke to before didnt leave the notes so the one I’m talking to now is up-to-date so I have to start all over again only to find out I’m talking to an idiot. And it goes like that until I finally get to talk to someone who actually knows what they get paid for. I hope you turn out the victor in this never ending war agains CSR.

    Such a chatter box. (not usually though)

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