A Monkey

A Monkey, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

I got my first Monkey done-but i have a problem-well not really a problem but a decision to make. As you can tell this is self-striping yarn.
Do i go through the trouble to cut and rearrange my yarn so that way the socks can match as much as possible or just go with the flow. i checked both ends of the yarn and either way i will be doing some hacking.
I would prefer not to hack and honestly it isn’t that big of deal if they match. That’s kind of the fun of self-made socks. What do you guys think? Part of my fear is that my sock will have a couple weak spots since i would be rejoining my yarn in a couple spots to make it match. To me a sock is stronger if it has been worked straight thru with a whole skein- no breaks. I do realize that it’s not. Knitted fabric is very strong and as long as i weave my ends in well i should have no problems but i still have that worry anyway.
But now that i have babbled incoherently back to the main question-should i go for matching socks?
Thanx for your opinions, Good Night and Have a Great Weekend!