My boy Max

My boy Max, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Well today has turned into the best fo both worlds 🙂
Hubby and Little Man have left to go to hir friends house and i will be heading over at about 3. Works out perfectly-alone time and friend time.
Cake baking has been postponed until tomorrow-i am just going to spend a couple hours on the couch, jump in the shower and head over.
Today is kitty day-i have a picture of my loving kitty Max and yesterday i found out my neighbor has the cutest cat ever!!


Look at those eyes-doesn’t it look like he has bushy eyebrows over those great yellow eyes-I WANT MY NEIGHBORS CAT lol.
I have another cat too-her name is Cleo but she is very snotty and things can only be done under her terms. I can only get pictures of her running away from me or snarling at the camera 🙂  If i didn’t have my husband holding me back i would totally be the crazy cat lady on the block 🙂
Well i am gonna enjoy my alone time and hope you all have a nice sunday.