Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas my friends!! I hope you have a beautiful day however you are spending it!!! Cherish every moment, they fly by so quickly.



Hi Friends! How are you? I am ok. I didn’t get to decorate my tree like I was hoping too. I went to a couple shops after work to find Christmas Eve pajamas for the boys. While out I did find some for hubby but still nothing for my boy :(! Anyway while out I felt a headache creeping on and I hoped it would pass but it just got worse and worse! So after getting the boy from school, I made some hot chocolate for the both of us and rested on the couch until I had to make dinner. Getting up just made it worse but lucky for me my hubby came home from work and took over for me. He told me to go back to rest and he would take care of it all. He even brought me my plate all made up! So sweet of him! It’s little things like that that totally make my day and mean so much to me! I am feeling better now but that means my tree is still pretty naked!
So, hopefully better luck tomorrow and we are going to a hockey game so I will have plenty to share with you!
Have a wonderful day!!

Oct 21

Whew what a day! I haven’t been on my feet that long at work in a long time. I am home and pretty much did nothing.

How was everybody’s weekend? Hubby and I celebrated 11 years together this weekend. We got manicures and pedicures, went to dinner and saw the Maze Runner.  It was a good movie, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Hubby had read the book and now wants to finish the series, I want to read it all now! I’ll just add it to my huge growing list.

Sunday was pretty lazy, i worked on laundry but not much else.

But the Highlight was Saturday morning my Little Man scored his first goal in soccer and he has been playing for a few years now. It took a minute to sink in but when it did, i teared up! I can’t believe i did but i was so proud and happy for him, he has wanted this for a long time.

So Congrats to my awesome boy!


I am sitting here listening to classical music and contemplating a return to the blogging world. I don’t know if anyone is still out there, i kind of deserted everybody and everything at one point.  I can’t believe it has been four years!! Time flies!!

Besides getting older myself (you just cant avoid it), having a boy that is now 10 years old and not a little munchkin anymore and some lifestyle changes to improve myself health wise and physically not much has changed.

I can’t knit or crochet like i used to 😦 my wrists and hands start to bother me, so i am taking an extended break and doing some hand and wrist exercises in the hopes of being able to get back into it. After a summer off i was doing okay when i started some socks for my guy but then when i switched to a pattern with bigger needles the ache came back, which is kind of weird, you would think it would be the opposite. Any ideas or tips? It is quite annoying if i am may say so, i really miss my evening knitting and i have so many things i have started over the years, yes Years, that are just wishing they could be finished.

I know this won’t be a daily thing but i would like to use this as a place for random thoughts and sharing. Like Instagram with more words and maybe not always a picture. Lol. Are any of you on Instagram?

Well i should probably get myself off to bed. Have a good night all!

Don’t Worry/ Keine Sorgen

I haven’t disappeared again. Just a really busy week. The hat has been finished and tomorrow i will post a picture! Work has been crazy. We are short people so almost every day i have had to stay after to help finish cleaning and then rush off to pick up Little Man from school. So that extra hour to do things hasn’t been there. Tomorrow night a friend of the family has his pictures in a local gallery and he will be performing as well. I will be sure to take some pictures to share 🙂 Until tomorrow!

Ich bin nicht weider verschwunden nur sehr beschaftigt. Wir sind in meine arbeit sehr beschaftigt und ich muss ofter nach bleiben und beim aufraumen helfen. Und gleich dannach Der Kleiner Mann holen. Ich habe das hut fertig gemacht und zeig morgen die fotos! Bis Morgen!