Thanx, MS3, Harry Potter, and a Happy Face


MS3 clue 3, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Thank you Sock Pal and Joanna for your kind words on my frustration-i am usually a pretty patient person but after my last 10 rows causing me so much trouble i guess it just got to me. i am happy to say i went back to the Stole yesterday night and finished rows 153-189 with no problems. i finshed the last 10 rows this afternoon so i am ready for Clue 4. I have found reading the chart aloud to myself as i go along helps so Yep if someone was spying on me they would see me talking to myself. but Thanx again you guys-it made me feel better.

I got a new book in the mail and a new project that is going on the needles tonight 🙂


The new book is a Japanese Friendship Bracelet book called Misanga Promise Ring( ISBN 978-4-529-04355-7)WOW thats all i can say-the bracelets in there are so awesome-i can’t wait to try some-this is definately a step up from the bracelets i usually make.  I first saw the book at Wise Craft and fell in love so thanx for enabling me and posting about the book 🙂

The purse is the Pinwheel Purse from Modular Knits by Iris Schreier.  it was one of the first projects i wanted to make out of the book and it look like a fun and quick knit 🙂

Tomorrow Little Man is staying at Grandma’s House and it is the Official all about Harry Potter Day for me-after Little Man gets picked up Hubby and I will go to dinner and then to see Harry Potter :Order of the Phoenix. Then we will put on our small costumes for the Harry Potter Book 7 Release Party at our local Borders.  I am sooooo excited!! Yes I LOVE the Harry Potter books. i can’t believe this is the last book already-i know at fisrt i thought the books were takign forever to come out but now this is the last one Already 🙂  It will me a fun night out for me and hubby 🙂

and now the Promised Happy face but first a bit of background-little man is a Pro and drawing Happy faces and does it all the time tons of them-well yesterday he got his play-do back after having it taken away some time ago (he wasn’t putting it away and we have lost lots of hard playdo). And the first thing he made was this 🙂 it put a huge smile on my face when he called me to come look-i love this boy so much!! i hope it makes you guys smile too.


I probably won’t post again til Sunday so Have a Great Weekend Everybody!!

3 thoughts on “Thanx, MS3, Harry Potter, and a Happy Face

  1. I knew you could figure out the stole! I sometimes talk to myself while knitting lace too. It helps with concentrating.
    The smile is so cute!
    My daughter and her BFF would love the friendship bracelet book. I can’t wait to see what you make.
    Have a fun HP filled time! My daughter loved the movie. The husband and I will go to see sometime soon.

  2. Of course you can come to our Lolita picnic! You’re most welcome! *^v^*
    I also found reading the chart loud helpful, although it can be a bit disturbing while watching a film at the same time.
    Can you imagine I’ve never read any HP books? ^^ I’ve seen all the films, though (apart from the last one, not yet here).

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