Socks, Cat, Cat with Socks

November has flown by. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week already.  Besides Halloween stuff i have posted nothing this month.  It’s not like i am lacking in things to write about just slacking. 🙂

I finished my Mystery Socks a couple weeks ago as some of you may have noticed on Ravelry.

Pattern: Mystery Socks ’09 by Kristen Kapur from Through the Loops

Dates: October 2-November 4, 2009

Yarn: Patons Stretch Socks in Kelp

Needles: Size 2 (2.75 mm) double points

Notes: Since it was a Mystery pattern and I was trying to make sure I finished each clue on time so I made no changes.  When I make these again I think I will make the leg longer and use a solid colored yarn.  I am very happy with how these came out and I finally have another pair of socks for my happy feet.



A couple week ago Little Man and I had the pleasure of getting to take care of my mom’s neighbor’s cats. My mom usually cares for the cats but happened to be out-of-town at the same time as the neighbors.  But that’s okay because we had great fun with the cats and Little Man fell in love with them.  He was so bummed when it was our last day because he knew we probably won’t see the cats again or not for a very long time.

This is Bunky. He is very playful and likes a good petting after eating.  He also likes to show off his talents on the kitty tower.


Then we have the stoic cutie pie with his socks 🙂

This is Waymore. He is a bit jumpy but if you leave him be and then let him sniff your hand, after he has relaxed, he will allow you a quick pat on his back and chin scratch.

Maybe we will see them again some time.







Some Things

Omi’s arrived here well and we are enjoying our time together.  The past two days we have been out from morning until late afternoon and today she is with my mom so Little Man and I are enjoying just vegging out at home in robes and comfortable clothes.  I can already feel the colder weather making me lazy.

But it isn’t making Omi lazy-Here she is giving Little Man a piggy back ride.

I love that she can still do things like that, some great grandmas don’t or can’t.

Craft-wise i finished a friendship bracelet

and Started some socks.


This is the first clue from Through The Loops Mystery Sock by Kristin Kapur-Clues can be found here (Rav Link). The 2nd clue won’t go up until next wednesday so you can join without being behind if you want.  She is doing to versions of the sock, a simpler one and then one that has a small cable. Come Join the Fun.

And to end on a sweet note :)-Here is Little Man painting the cookies we made yesterday.

Have a great weekend!!

Socks and Short Vaca.


Socks of Kindness, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Yay!! I finished my socks.
Name: Zigzagy Socks
Project: Socks of Kindness, A recipe
Made: for Me
Dates: Dec. 29, 2007-April 11, 2008-this was not Second Sock Syndrome-i just set it aside and neglected it.
Size: To fit my feet-8.5 shoe size
Needle: Size 2 Dps
Yarn: Wolle Rödel Sport & Strumpfwolle Color Extrastark
Notes: Easy pattern to memorize. I really like the recipe. I learned how to do a short row heel, using the tutorial the pattern links too. I am not sure if i like it doing it but i do like how the socks turned out and it is nice not having to pick up sts cause sometime my picked up sts don’t look super nice BUT trying to knit into 3 sts was a bit of a pain and tried my patience. I think i was partially at fault by making my wraps to tight, even thought i tried not to. Overall-love them! Oh and that little string inbetween my socks-all that was left when i was done-whew it was a close one.

We are off on a little vacation so there will be some blog silence.
But of course i am taking some knitting with me-i am thinking only one project because we will be doing a lot of stuff and i am unsure of knitting time and well none of my family on my dad’s are knitters(that i am aware of-he was kinda surprised when i was working on it on his last visit like it hadn’t seen knitting before) so i don’t think they will really understand if i whip out my knitting and i do not want to offend but another ball of sock yarn may sneak into my suitcase just in case. 🙂
i have been doing some shopping at The Loopy Ewe and got a Go Knits pouch, Regia Bamboo yarn and Dp needle holder are all ready to go 🙂 The pattern going with me is Burning Rings of Fire (pdf), not to complicated but not boring either-a great pattern!

Don’t have to much fun without me 😉 See you guys soon!!!

Hubby’s Anniversary Socks

Hubby’s Anniversary Socks, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

WOOHOO finished!!!!
i finished the grafting of the toe last night-knitting was finished on Saturday nite but since hubby had the weekend off i had to little time to knit in secret.
I am really happy with the way these turned out and i hope he likes them and that they fit.
They are a very basic pattern and from what i have seen onine and Ravelry a very popular pattern.
I didn’t have any problems after i restarted with less stitches and got help with the heel.
Knit Notes:
Pattern: Garter Rib Stitch from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn:Louet Gems in Sandalwood-just a tad over 2 skeins for 11 1/4 inches size feet on size 2 needles.
I will let you know how they are received-Tomorrow is Anniversary day-He better like them!!!!!

I started My So Called Scarf and i really like how it’s turning out with the Ironstone yarn.


I finished the sewing my Robot friend but he still needs eyes, mouth and his control panel. i will have a pic tomorrow with eyes and mouth but control panel won’t be done right away. I am not sure what kind of panal i want to give him.

Well, off to write a letter. Wish me luck on how hubby likes the socks and that they fit. (not a big deal if they don’t i can fix BUT i don’t want to lol)
Good night you guys

p.s. thanx for the compliments on my hallowig 🙂

Did Ya Miss Me?

Buddy Bag, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Wow Guys-it has been awhile. I feel a lot better thank you so much for your well wishes! i have a small cough still and i did pass the cold on to Little Man. i was more physically wiped out from the cold the first few days, Little Man seems to have more cough than me but we are all doing good. yay!!
Little Man started preschool on Tuesday. It was the Open House so i was there too and we got all the rules and got to see how a day would go for the kids. Tomorrow he goes for an hour by himself and then next week he goes for the whole 2 hours by himself. They try to ease the kids into it. i think Little Man will be just fine-he seems to understand that i will have to go and then come back for him but the next 2 classes will show how he does. According to him “I am a Superhero, i can do it all by myself!”
So what have i been up to before and after my cold? Knitting and sewing!!
First-The Buddy Bag that i have at the beginning of the post. it is a cute little backpack for Little Man to take with us when we go shopping or on little trips. It’s the perfect size for a snack and a toy and he always likes to take something or help me so i know he will enjoy it.
I just finished it this afternoon and it wasn’t until i took the pictures and saw them on my computer that i noticed the Bear Finger puppet looks slightly Evil with his red eyes LOL-he really looks much cuter in person. anyway on to the details.


Pattern: Buddy Bag from AnnyPurls
Yarn: Bernat Satin-i bought the Dk. Blue, Lt. Blue and White. I used leftovers for the green on the boat and brown for the bear.
It took me about a week and a half to make this but it goes very quick and i am sure it could be done quicker if it was the only project you worked on and didn’t get sick 🙂 🙂
Overall it is a fun and easy pattern. I did make the bag a little wider by adding 20 more sts. Other than that all is as written. I also still need to line the inside of the bag-probably tomorrow or Friday.

Next is hubby’s anniversary socks-i have one done and starting the heel on the second one. Our Anniversary is the 16th so i am on schedule. With Little Man in school i can use the extra time to work on the socks, maybe at the coffee shop unless Hubby is awake then i will come home and hang out with him. BUT we have a slight disappointment-he found out about them 😦 😦 i was so bummed!! it happened while i was on Ravelry and i had my projects screen up-he snuck up behind me to tickle me and saw them (he saw just the cuff picture so he doesn’t know how far i am and i dont think he knows they are for our anniversary) but i was so mad and bummed. He is super hard to surprise and i knew this would surprise him since i have been so adamant in the past that i will not knit him anything!! Oh well i hope he will still be excited when he gets them. He felt bad about it and tried to tell me he forgot all about them and knew nothing. We all know that’s not true 🙂


Your probably like “Okay i thought there was some sewing.’ There was!! i made a purse!!!


i love my purse and already have fabric cut for the next one. Even though i have lots of buttons-none were large enough so must go to the craft store. The pattern is from here. I got the fabric 3 years ago when i had my grandma make me a knitting tote and needle roll. We really bought a lot of fabric-so lots left over. I am not complaining means i didn’t have to buy any. I love that fabric!!!
The bag came out great-there are some sewing blunders hidden in it but i am really happy with how it turned out. I love the different colors on the inside.  Alternating Color pockets. 🙂 🙂


Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!
So i am better, i have been productive and i hope to be back to some regular posting!

Lots to show you.

Hello? Hello? Have you guys given up on me 🙂 i tried to post last night with a flickr badge cause i had lots of pics to share-well after messing around for over an hour i realized it’s just not going to work on WordPress 😦 And then i didn’t want to post anymore.

But here i am and i have lots of pictures!  I have been busy the past couple days.

Over the weekend we went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. It was loads of fun! I love those festivals and seeing everybody dressed up.  Little Man really liked the Knights and horses. Hubby was overwhelmed by the whole experience, it was his first time, so i am not sure what his favorite was.  I loved the stands, costumes, and just general festival-ness of it all. I got a henna tattoo-Moons and Stars on my arm-i really would have liked a palm one but middle of the day and carrying lots of things and caring for a toddler just don’t mix for a henna tattoo on your palm. But they last longer and are more vibrant on the palm.  I have plans to do one myself instead.  i also got some curly horns 🙂 They are so cute and fun. I’ll have to get a picture with them on.

I also rearranged my craft room slightly ad managed to move my sewing machine in sooo on Monday the sewing bug nipped me in the bum. 

I have been wanting to make this Double-Point Needle Case for a long time and i have had all the things i needed since like the day after i read the post/tutorial on Grumperina’s Blog. (psst she has a tutorials for straight and circ. needlestoo-i want to make the circ one next)

(Click on Pics to Enlarge )

Anyway, here it is rolled up:




 I have been knitting on and off but it’s been a bit slow.

My progress on hubby’s socks:

(yes, that is still the first sock)


 Monday was also a big mail day 🙂 I love mail.

A Knitting Sock Pouch from Messie Craftie-i love the fabric and it’s really well-made. Check her out if your looking for one-she also has some totes and zipper pouches.


 I got some sock blockers and a one of those sock blocker keychains from The Loopy Ewe


 Saturday I played with Shrinky Dinks-i printed out this image and traced it. Going on my key-chain. We didn’t have any permanent markers(besides a couple blacks) in the house (a 3-year old lives here) so i used colored pencils and it worked fine but in the shrinking process the colored pencil ends up leaving a residue that rubs off on you. So i am going to try permanent marker next time.


 Today-More Sewing.  in case your wondering i come across these when i am bored and blog hopping and bookmark them for a future date. Future can mean next week or a year. Like i mentioned earlier-Sewing Bug. It comes and goes.

So-today i made a Chapstick Cozy from this tutorial.  I am addicted to chapstick-i have them by me, in my bags, extras in case i lose one. So this is great for me!! will make at least one more! You could even put this on your key-chain with some rolled up money or other small items.


 Chapstick Cozy Open with Burt’s Bees peeking out.


 I also tried to sew my own Pouch-Let’s just say Good thing i bought one. it’s not bad but not as nicely assembled as Messie’s.


AND that’s all for today.  i cut up some fabric for a purse i found on-line-will have pics and links next time. Link for sure-pics if they pass the “Looks Okay” test.

Now off to do some knitting. I am pretty close to the toe on hubby’s first sock 🙂 yay!

Since it is heating back up here my cardigan has been put on hold just for a few days.

Little Man and I are going to have a picnic tomorrow 🙂 I love doing those with him!! we are going to his favorite park that has water, a bridge, steps and the “Spooky Forest with Friendly Bears” in it that like to chase us 🙂

Have a great night and  Happy Wednesday!

Monkey’s Done

Monkey’s Done, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Yay! i love how these turned out! They knit up fast too, i can see why so many have found this to be an addicting pattern. I of course took my time with them BUT had i focused on them i would have been done much faster.
Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A., free on
For: Me
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multieffekt
Dates:Aug. 15 -Aug. 31, 2007
Notes: Folowed pattern as written

This has been kind of a lame week so i chose not to write.
What’s next? Well i am working on a really basic cardigan for around the house with some Cascade 220 that was in my stash.
I am also going to start some socks for Hubby for our Anniversary in October. He has been bugging me for some for quite some time and i refused after he requested a scarf and hat in colors that he picked himself at the store and then never wore the stuff unless i said HEY put this on. So the scarf got regifted-it was only worn once and the hat was given to charity. For a year i have said NO i am never knitting you anything again but honestly i have no idea what else to get him that doesn’t cost way too much money. And there is nothing cheap that he would like or get use out of-YES i have one of those kinds of hubbies. So i am giving in and making him socks and i am even contemplating making him a sweater for Christmas-I have no idea what i am thinking. That is still a big maybe though. Depends on how the socks get recieved LOL. Anyway the sweater is in the Fall Interweave Knits by Brooklyntweed. This one here. i just hate to make it and have it just hang there–There is always charity or regifting again isn’t there–We’ll see-it’s a big decision and i still have some time. What do you think i should do?
Anyway, Cardigan and Socks are what i will be working on for the next few weeks. I will have to start coming up with stories or something to entertain you guys? If there is anything you were wondering about me then ask and i will answer your questions in a post 🙂
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

I gave in…

I gave in…, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

I am knitting Monkey’s.
Other than that i am still chuggin away on Mystery Stole Clue 5. I am not sure what it is but i am not moving along as quickly on this clue as i would like. i do about 5 rows and then i want to quit and do something else but i force myself to do more. I still have 15 more rows to go. i think i am getting burnt out. LOL It’s just that usually when i have a bigger project on the needles i take breaks and work on something on the side. I know i could with this too but i set myself a goal of getting the clues done each week and i really want to stick with it!
i played a lot of cars today with Little Man, got some laundry done and organized my bookshelf. Cars was the most fun 🙂 I was playing with a Police Car and Little Man was a race car and i pulled him over for speeding and gave him a ticket. WELL, he liked that game so much that we had to keep doing it and i was getting tired of it so i started to drive away and his car yells at me “Wait! Come Back! I need a ticket i am going to fast” 🙂 🙂
Love that boy!

Good Night you guys 🙂