Where Have You Been????

Just Playing!  i know i am the one who disappeared off the grid.  I have been pretty busy with work, house and knitting of course!

Ich weiss ich bein weider verschwunden.  I bin sehr beschaftigt mit arbeit, schule und stricken!  Aber wir sehen uns ja bald!!!!

Little Man is loving the first grade and adores his teacher. I am glad he does.

Work has been keeping me busy and since we are shorthanded I have been staying after almost everyday to help the others I work with.

I am currently working on two Mystery Socks!  One from Through the Loops that started Oct. 1 and one from my LYS that started last Friday. I am not going to show them until they are done 🙂

I do have some things to show off 🙂  Most are oldies that I finally finished!

A Mystery Washcloth from Kris Knits. i think this one is from april. I just finished it a week ago!

This is the Combo-Corset T by Annie Modesitt.  This has been waiting for buttons for a few weeks now and I finally admitted to myself that it is just too small so I am giving it away.  Other than that it is a great pattern and I was happy with how it turned out, i just wish it fit me.  I usually go too big maybe my next one will be right on the money! Good thing my hats, socks and mittens have always fit me.

Last weekend i did some sewing so i have some goodness to show you and I am really happy with this one.




On Sunday it was hubby’s birthday. I dread when it gets close to any kind of gift giving time for him.  He will either know what it is and that takes the fun out of it, he will hate it if I try to pick something out with out his help or he wants something super expensive that I can’t get him.  This year I knew I wanted to try to give him something that would surprise him.  Ever since I made this goat he has begged me to make one.  I kept saying no because I didn’t want to do all that work to only have it thrown around and not cared about.  But… I knew he would never expect it and he had asked me so many times that I figured he must really want one. So with no further delay…

Presenting Goatimer!

Pattern: Gogi Goat

Dates: Feb 19-20, 2010

Yarn: Stitch Nation Alpaca Love in Cobblestone, scraps of bernat in brown and I can’t remember what the white yarn for his horns is or the fuzzy white yarn for his beard is.

Hook: I

Notes: Followed the pattern as written. Alpaca Love is a great yarn I really liked working with it.  It is an aran weight yarn so Goatimer is a bit bigger.  Not sure what it is about this pattern but it is killer on my hands, I think I am clenching too tightly when I am working on the little body parts. I think he turned out even better than the first one and of course Little Man wants one now.  I have a feeling it will be another year if I do make one.  Hubby loves him and was super happy that I made him and he even named him. Yay!

A little mis-match with dishcloths

So on Friday Little Man had mis-match day.  It was a bit harder to figure out what we were going to do because his school has a strict and boring dress-code and we bought clothes accordingly.  This is what we put together:

Only kids can look so cute dressed like this.


Lately i have been knitting up some dishcloths.  They are a quick and easy knit and you can never have too many.

These are free patterns from www.krisknits.com

Yarn: Lily Sugar n’ Cream

Needles: Size 3

Pattern: 2010 New Years dishcloth

This one has already been in use and cleans dishes great 😉

Pattern: January Mystery dishcloth

Pattern: “Be My Dishcloth”

I know you can’t tell at all that I ran out of yarn right at the end. 🙂

I love them all! They brighten up cleaning time just a little.


I have noticed some of you are doing some kind of challenge during the Winter Olympics.  I am as well and a challenge it is.

It is the Cap Sleeve Vest by Bergere de France.  I am using Berroco Vintage Wool in a different color than my usual for a little change.

I have already had to tink back a few rows and there are quite a few things you have to pay attention to.   We will see but I am going to try my best.

Good Luck to all you Knitting Olympians!

Some Snow and A Start…

Today we had a Snow Day! I realize our snow doesn’t look like much and unlike some other states we are very lucky. It sure was nice having a snow day.

Little Man helped Dad shovel,

Made a snow angel and

Attacked me from outside.  So naturally i had to get in my snow gear and go outside to get him back 🙂

We had great fun and all our pretty snow has been smooshed and trampled.  We made some dinosaur caves too.

Yay for Snow Days!


The first finished knit I am going to show you was a gift for my mom’s birthday.

Pattern: Hot-water bottle cover by Sarah Dallas published in Sarah Dallas Knitting

Dates: Around Jan 14, 2010-Feb. 2, 2010

Yarns: Berroco Comfort 9740 (green) Berroco Comfort 9722 (purple)

Needle: Size 6

Hook: G

Notes: I followed the pattern as written and then after 5 inches it suddenly hit me that my hot water bottle has a little tab on the bottom to hang it up by.  My mom and I have the same bottle. So I decided at that point to bind off the sts that make up the two center cables on Row 6 of the pattern and then recast those same sts on in the next row. If I had planned ahead I would have done the tab hole after about 3 inches because the overlap of the two pieces should be more towards the bottom, not right in the middle of the cover. Because of this on the second side I only knit for 5 inches, instead of the 7 the pattern has you do, before starting my decreases.  Just to make sure that the bottle can easily be put in the cover.

I love this cover and already have some Cascade 220 set aside to make my own in the near future.  The Berroco Comfort is super soft and has great stitch definition so i think it works really well for this pattern. Hope my mom likes it as much as I do.

Winter Gear

I made my goal! I got Little Man’s hat and cowl done just in time to go back to school. And he needed them!

Waves Cowl:

Pattern: Soft Waves by Jan Eaton

Dates: Dec 25, 2009-Jan 1, 2010, first FO of the year!

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted

Hook: G

Notes: I was originally going to make this a scarf but i just didn’t feel like it at all, so Little Man and I had a chat and he agreed to a cowl especially once he knew it would be done quicker.

“Hat Like Rabbit’s”

We have had the book “Shall I Knit You a Hat?”  by Kate Klise and this year Little Man asked me to make him a hat like Rabbit’s in the book. No Problem!

Pattern: The pattern for the hat is in the back of the book but you can also find the same pattern called The Jester Hat in The Yarn Girl’s Guide to Kid Knits.

Dates:Dec 26, 2009-Jan 3, 2010

Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Fjord Solid in New Snow, Bluebell and Jet Black.  Just under one skein of each color.

Needle: Size 7

Notes: The pattern in the book only goes up to 3 yr old so I cast on 108 sts to make it fit Little Man’s hat.  Rabbits hat is also pictured with ear flaps and ties so I had to add those since they are not in the pattern and our hat has to be “like rabbit’s”.

I also added a fleece lining for extra warmth and did a crochet edging.

The “ears” don’t stay up as well as they did for the photo but he still likes it and has worn it every day.

So while we had a warm head and neck we were still missing some mittens.  We had some gloves that we bought but Little Man was very adamant that he needed mittens this year too.  I got the first mitten done pretty fast but i was a bit slow on starting the second mitten and these are mittens you could easily finish in an evening at most two.  So every day for three days Little Man said to me ” I really wanna wear my blue mittens but only that one is done.”  Talk about guilt trip. I finally cranked out the last mitten in a couple hours.

Pattern: Super Mittens from Weekend Knitting

Dates: Jan 3-Jan 7, 2010

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted, held double

Needle: 10.5

Notes: I worked the pattern as written for the smallest size but I did have to add two more rows to the length of the hand.

Good thing I got the mittens done when I did because that same night we got a few inches of snow.

Little Man is finally all set for winter now.

Cute and Manly

How was everyone’s Halloween?

We had a really great day. It started off at the orchestra hall seeing a program for kids where they played spooky songs.  It was really neat and brought me back to my violin playing days.  That was followed by some lunch  and then home to relax a bit before the big night.

Then it was time!

Little Man had a good time and brought home quite a bit of candy!

Hubby wants it all for himself.  🙂

Time for some FO’s!

First up-Cute!

Pattern: Stella Pixie Hat by Kristen Regren

Dates: Sept. 14-Oct 15, 2009

Made for: Peyton

Yarn: Patons Stretch Socks in Sugar

Needles: US 3

Notes: I made a couple small changes.  As i have mentioned before seaming is not my friend.  The pattern has you knit the strap separately and then sew it on.  I knew of i did that i would ruin how nice the hat was looking.  Trust me I would have. So i picked up the stitches along the bottom of the hat and knit about 8 rows. Then on the side of those 8 rows of garter stitch i picked up stitches again to knit the strap piece that would go under the chin.  I could have cast on the extra stitches and then picked up the stitches along the bottom of the hat so the strap was done in one step instead of two.   I felt doing it the way I did gave me more control over how long I was making the piece that would be going under the chin.  I also went with velcro instead of the buttons. It’s adorable! I can’t wait to see it on Peyton.

Next: Manly

Pattern: Gusset Heel Basic Sock in Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson

Date: June 12-Sept 18, 2009

Made for: Lane

Size: Shoe Size 11. Cast on 72 sts

Yarn: Patons Stretch Socks in Licorice

Needles: US 2

Notes: I love the heel on these socks.  No picking up stitches!! The stockinette dragged on at times but i them done and hubby is very happy with them.

Whew! Next up should be my mystery socks. I am very close to being done.

Then I want to start some socks I saw in the new Interweave Holiday Knits for my Omi.  The price went up quite a bit on the magazine, i didn’t even notice until she was ringing it up, makes me thankful for 40% off Joann coupons.

Have a good start to the week!





Textured Shawl

Pattern: Textured Shawl Recipe by Orlane, found on Ravelry

Dates: July 5-Sept. 3, 2009

Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool, color 8906

Needles: US 10/6.0 mm

Notes:  I wanted a nice comfy, pretty and happy shawl that could be thrown around just a teeny bit. Lace shawls just seem so delicate i wanted something tougher.  Well i got that and Love it!  I am very happy with how the shawl came out and it is super cozy.

I made it bigger than the pattern so it can wrap me up nicely. I ended up using a little over 3 balls of the Cascade 220. I picked the happy color to help perk me up once winter comes and i start getting the winter blues because it’s so cold. Lol

Bring on the Fall weather.