3 in 1

How was your weekend? Ours was nice and relaxing but still got a few things done. 

First Up

Little Acorn from Roman Sock

Made for: Me

Dates: June 13-22,2009

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice Baby-held doubled for the lid

Hook: 3.5 mm

Notes: Mine isn’t really shaped like an acorn because i made the bottom with the yarn held single stranded and so it wasn’t quite as big as i would have liked it after the increases in the pattern so i did 3 more increase rows to make it a bit wider.  Then i worked straight for a few rows and decreased a couple rows.  I really don’t remember exactly how much i decreased. Why? Well, my top didn’t fit my bottom and i had already reworked the cap a couple times for various reasons. I decided i would adjust the bottom and i just pulled the yarn until i was at the spot i wanted to start re-crocheting from. Then i just went until my bottom fit nicely into the cap. 

I also made i-cord “buttons”  instead of buying some. I really like how those came out-i just winged it with those.

I think this is a super cute pattern and if i were to make it again i would do the bottom with the yarn held double so that way it doesn’t bruise and dent up so easy. It’s just not that strong.  Where the cap is like a shield is is so thick and strong. I would also make the top first to the size i liked and them make the bottom to fit.


Yesterday was Father’s Day and i really like the idea of Little Man making his gifts for people-i think it so personal and sweet and something that a lot of people would treasure especially from when they are at this age.  And i also tend to have him make the things that i would love to get from him. Teehee 🙂

So I came across this (pdf) awhile ago online, an excerpt from Soule Mama’s next book, due out in August.  Then came across it again just last week and thought it would be perfect since hubby likes to read.  So I had Aidan draw the picture and then i did the embroidery.  Ta-Da!

An extra-large bookmark for Daddy.  Mommy wants one too-maybe next weekend 🙂

And i saved the best for last-the promised picture of Peyton.  She is so adorable-this picture doesn’t do her justice but it is the best i managed to get.

Too Cute!

Have a great day!

Slippers for Hubby

While watching me make some baby slippers hubby decided that he wanted some as well.  I started to make some from different patterns i came across online. One from a Japanese website and another i came across on CrochetPatternCentral.com. Both of them worked the sole in only a few rows and they came nowhere near the size of hubby’s foot that i had traced onto a piece of paper.  I started to get kind of frustrated and decided to work the sole on my own just by going by his foot.  Well that took me forever and i still wasn’t happy with it.  After a break for a couple days i decided this wouldn’t work and looked around on Ravelry for some other ideas. I sent hubby a few links and he picked the ones he liked best.

Pattern: Crochet Slippers by Doris Chan found in Interweave Holiday Knits 2006, Knitscene Fall/Winter 2005 and you can buy it online if you don’t have either of those issues.

Made for: Hubby’s Feet 🙂

Dates: June 3-June 6, 2009

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice

Hook: I/9

Notes: I followed the pattern as written.  It was very well written and i think the slippers came out great. They are also a quick project.  I could do a slipper a night if i had a couple hours that i didn’t get side tracked during 🙂 i got the first one done in a night but the second one took 2 nights.  I think these would make a great Christmas gift. i am thinking about making my dad some in cotton for him to walk around the house in but i will have to think about that a bit more.

The only issue that i had was the blue flap on the foot is actually supposed to fold down on its own and mine doesn’t. It also seems a little smaller then it looks in the photos.  I probably could sew it down but hubby said they were fine the way they were. 

He was excited about them and said that he really liked them, so it was a success.

Baby, Baby, Baby

I had a plan, one FO a day for a couple days. I kept putting it off and now am just putting it all in one post.  Probably what i should have done from the beginning.

Pattern: Baby Cloths from KrisKnits

Needles: Size 3

Note: There are 8 motives in the pattern but i got tired of making them after 4. They did make a great travel project for Chicago though.

Pattern: Baby Bib o’ Love in the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book

Needles: Size 6

Notes: Added button by slipping it on a knit stitch with a crochet hook in the place i wanted it to be.

Pattern: Baby Mary Jane “Skimmers” by Sylvia Schuchardt

Hook: 3.5 mm

Notes: I still haven’t decided if i am giving these to them.  I crocheted the second one a little tighter and you can tell when you look closely.

Yarn: For all of the patterns I used Lily Sugar n’ Cream.

I am happy with all of the projects. Even though they are the simplest, the bibs are my favorite.  They feel soft and nubbly and if i was a baby i think i would want to squish my bib in my hands all the time.  I really hope they like the things i made and use them. I enjoy making the stuff.  I really wanted to do a blanket but i thought better of it.  I need some people who i know would cherish a handknit to have babies.  Then i could go wild with outfits and blankets and other cute things!!!

I have one more baby thing to finish that i started a couple days ago and then i will be all done. It should be done but hubby sidetracked me into making some slippers for him so i am going to finish those tomorrow.  So more FO’s coming. Sooner this time, i really want to try and do better with my blogging.

Happy Weekend!

Fo and Marsh

I finished my potholders for the swap last week!! They are labeled, packaged and ready to go to the post office tomorrow.

Pattern: ha wish i could tell you the name of the book but it’s Japanese but the ISBN is 978-4-8347-2524-7 It is all crochet and very cute 🙂  this page has some pics of inside the book

Made for: Crocheted Potholder Swap

Dates: May 2009-i kept trying different patterns that when i finally figured out what i wanted to do i didn’t even make note of when i started i just wanted to make sure i got it done in time.

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Wine, Jute, White, Bright Navy, Hot Blue, Summer Splash

Hook: H/8-5.00 mm

Notes: I didn’t follow the pattern completely.  The back and front pieces differ slightly.  I made mine both the same. Also it has a rose in the middle of the front and i decided not to do that. Was a nice pattern to work and easy to follow the chart.  Making these potholders has kinda grown on me and so has the crocheting.  i want to make more 🙂  I hope they are well received by the swappers that get one.


How was everyone’s Memorial Day? We went to the marsh and had a picnic. After we stuffed ourselves we walked around the marsh to burn off some of the treats we had 🙂

On our walk we saw some young-one of my favorite things about spring at the marsh.

Lots of them

So cute! I usually go right at the start of spring so you see them when they are really little but it was neat to see them when they are a bit older and bigger.

Some Swan babies as well

After trekking for quite some time on the horse trail we came across some people on horses and one of the gentlemen in the party let Little Man get on his horse! Even shared his cowboy hat.

How cool is that? My future cowboy did awesome on the horse and doesn’t he look so sure of himself on there. Haha, too bad we didn’t get a picture of his face when the horse actually moved a little. 

Finally just towards the end of our walk we came across a straggler on the path

The turtle was just as interested in us as we were in him. When we moved a little he moved as well. Probably  to keep on eye on us.  It was a really nice walk and the weather was perfect.  And even though it’s hard to tell with Little Man, i think he had a good time too.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.