Happy Sunday! The weekend always flies by.

The rest of the week went by smoothly. Hubby is back home from his business travels and we have just been relaxing before the week starts back up again.

Saturday started bright and early(was too early for my liking on a weekend morning, I was a bit grumpy) because Little Man had his soccer tournament.

IMG_1672They lost their first game and then had to wait over and hour before the next game started.  But happily by then the sun was out.


Sadly, they lost that game too. Little Man was disappointed. They had beat this team twice before and thought for sure they could do it again. But the other team had learned and Little Man’s team was just not playing at their best.  While disappointed, he was not discouraged and said “I am signing up in the Spring”.

After Soccer we did some yard work. The front lawn was covered in leaves and one of my front plant beds needed some tending. I had some help.

IMG_1686I also trimmed my hydrangea and even all brown and dried up I thought it still looked beautiful (they are normally all white) so I brought some in to have in my craft room.

IMG_1687This morning we had breakfast with a friend and then back home to do laundry. I also worked on getting my table cleared in the craft room so i can do some sewing since i am still trying to be good and give my hands and wrists a break from the knitting…its so hard!! i want to knit so badly. But i must behave if i want to get my hands back on the needles. I have considered teaching myself to knit differently. I knit the Continental way so maybe switching could help. We will see, its so hard to break from what you are used to and what my hands could almost do in their sleep!

Joanna, my mom actually ended up doing another batch of yarn and it turned out a much deeper blue, i still haven’t seen it but she is supposed to send me a picture, if not i’ll try and get one next time i see her. I did think about dyeing over it but I am going to leave it, as a memory of my first time. I really didn’t have any specific expectations i was just doing it for fun.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend and has a good start to the week.


Dyeing Yarn with Mom

So my mom has been off on travels to Ohio on and off over the summer and one of the things she did there was take some classes on natural dyes. She even made a plant box that is specifically filled with plants for dyeing. The main one being Indigo.

So after telling me the time was coming to try it out at home, i asked to add my naked skein that i have had laying around in the house for a few years now with plans to kool-aid dye but never got around to it.


Here it is, ready and eager! I opened it up and added a couple more pieces of thread so that it was tied in four places instead of just two.

A couple weeks later my mom was ready and soaked my yarn overnight in some water.


In a pot on the stove she had her leaves cooking up. Here she is picking out the leaves and squeezing all the water she can out of them.


Once she had squeezed as much of the excess water out as she could, she added a couple things, I am not sure all that it was. She was one a mission. We also poured the water back and forth between two pots to aerate it and make the color darken up. Then it was ready and we added the yarn!



I know it looks quite green, i was wondering the whole time as we were working on it why it wasn’t looking more blue. But i didn’t say anything and was waiting for the magic to happen. Happen it did!

it was so cool how in the pot it looked green but as soon as you pulled the yarn out of the pot and it hit the air, it started to turn blue!


After a rinse and a few minutes soak in some vinegar water, I took my yarn home in a plastic bag. Here he is when i got him home before I hung him in the basement to dry.


After a couple days in the basement, my yarn did lighten up but it is not nearly as much as in this picture, after i wind it up into a skein i will take another shot and hopefully it will be more true to color but it is like a pale turquoise. I am really happy with it.


It is a fingering weight yarn, so i am thinking some socks but i am not totally sure yet.

Well that was my adventure in dyeing with my mom. It went pretty well considering we did it all in about an hour. i would love to try some other colors. She also made a couple more pots and did some other yarn and fabric. So swesome what nature has to offer us!

Oct 21

Whew what a day! I haven’t been on my feet that long at work in a long time. I am home and pretty much did nothing.

How was everybody’s weekend? Hubby and I celebrated 11 years together this weekend. We got manicures and pedicures, went to dinner and saw the Maze Runner.  It was a good movie, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Hubby had read the book and now wants to finish the series, I want to read it all now! I’ll just add it to my huge growing list.

Sunday was pretty lazy, i worked on laundry but not much else.

But the Highlight was Saturday morning my Little Man scored his first goal in soccer and he has been playing for a few years now. It took a minute to sink in but when it did, i teared up! I can’t believe i did but i was so proud and happy for him, he has wanted this for a long time.

So Congrats to my awesome boy!


I am sitting here listening to classical music and contemplating a return to the blogging world. I don’t know if anyone is still out there, i kind of deserted everybody and everything at one point.  I can’t believe it has been four years!! Time flies!!

Besides getting older myself (you just cant avoid it), having a boy that is now 10 years old and not a little munchkin anymore and some lifestyle changes to improve myself health wise and physically not much has changed.

I can’t knit or crochet like i used to :( my wrists and hands start to bother me, so i am taking an extended break and doing some hand and wrist exercises in the hopes of being able to get back into it. After a summer off i was doing okay when i started some socks for my guy but then when i switched to a pattern with bigger needles the ache came back, which is kind of weird, you would think it would be the opposite. Any ideas or tips? It is quite annoying if i am may say so, i really miss my evening knitting and i have so many things i have started over the years, yes Years, that are just wishing they could be finished.

I know this won’t be a daily thing but i would like to use this as a place for random thoughts and sharing. Like Instagram with more words and maybe not always a picture. Lol. Are any of you on Instagram?

Well i should probably get myself off to bed. Have a good night all!

My New Bag!

I took these pictures really quick.  So I warn you they are not at their best.

I have been really wanting to sew a bag for myself. I had a few different bags bookmarked online and in my books.

I finally decided on the Folk Bag from One-Yard Wonders.

Here it is!

I am very happy with how it turned out!  It is some of my better sewing. The owls make me very happy and I love the colors.  I find myself being drawn to turquoise more and more.

Here is a close-up of the lining!  Still love Lime Green :)



Sadly there have been a couple of casualties in my knitted socks so I must get back to knitting my mystery sock so I have a finished pair soon!

I also have a trip coming up soon and I should be able to finish another pair of socks during that trip and hopefully that will make up for what I lost.  Poor, Poor socks but they were very loved and kept my feet cozy in the cooler months. I may try some darning but I have never done it before so i am a bit unsure about it.  if you have any tips let me know!

Where Have You Been????

Just Playing!  i know i am the one who disappeared off the grid.  I have been pretty busy with work, house and knitting of course!

Ich weiss ich bein weider verschwunden.  I bin sehr beschaftigt mit arbeit, schule und stricken!  Aber wir sehen uns ja bald!!!!

Little Man is loving the first grade and adores his teacher. I am glad he does.

Work has been keeping me busy and since we are shorthanded I have been staying after almost everyday to help the others I work with.

I am currently working on two Mystery Socks!  One from Through the Loops that started Oct. 1 and one from my LYS that started last Friday. I am not going to show them until they are done :)

I do have some things to show off :)  Most are oldies that I finally finished!

A Mystery Washcloth from Kris Knits. i think this one is from april. I just finished it a week ago!

This is the Combo-Corset T by Annie Modesitt.  This has been waiting for buttons for a few weeks now and I finally admitted to myself that it is just too small so I am giving it away.  Other than that it is a great pattern and I was happy with how it turned out, i just wish it fit me.  I usually go too big maybe my next one will be right on the money! Good thing my hats, socks and mittens have always fit me.

Last weekend i did some sewing so i have some goodness to show you and I am really happy with this one.