FO Parade!

First Time Tube Socks by Ann Budd for my grandma.

Sideways Grand Cloche from Boutique Knits for me.

Aunt Maggie’s slippers by Beverly A. for my mother-in-law.

Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments from Charmed Knits for Little Man and sister-in-law and her girlfriend.

Bella’s Mittens by Marielle Henault for me.  I saw a sample of these at a yarn store, tried them on and loved them instantly. I had to make them right away 🙂 Love these!!

Aunt Maggie’s Slippers for Little Man.

It’s been busy around here and the list of projects is never-ending.  Little Man has been on my case because i haven’t made him any of his winter gear yet this year and i have a hat and mittens already. I know…bad mommy. I have started the scarf though and the hat will follow right after. I am hoping to send him back to school with one maybe even two items of warmth. Wish me luck.

How was everyone’s Christmas? Ours was really nice!

These are our Christmas Eve Jammies and we had them on all night and all Christmas day! Hubby and Little Man even have a song they sing when they first get their new Christmas Eve Jammies.

What great memories 🙂

Hope yours was just as great and memorable.


Slippers for Hubby

While watching me make some baby slippers hubby decided that he wanted some as well.  I started to make some from different patterns i came across online. One from a Japanese website and another i came across on Both of them worked the sole in only a few rows and they came nowhere near the size of hubby’s foot that i had traced onto a piece of paper.  I started to get kind of frustrated and decided to work the sole on my own just by going by his foot.  Well that took me forever and i still wasn’t happy with it.  After a break for a couple days i decided this wouldn’t work and looked around on Ravelry for some other ideas. I sent hubby a few links and he picked the ones he liked best.

Pattern: Crochet Slippers by Doris Chan found in Interweave Holiday Knits 2006, Knitscene Fall/Winter 2005 and you can buy it online if you don’t have either of those issues.

Made for: Hubby’s Feet 🙂

Dates: June 3-June 6, 2009

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice

Hook: I/9

Notes: I followed the pattern as written.  It was very well written and i think the slippers came out great. They are also a quick project.  I could do a slipper a night if i had a couple hours that i didn’t get side tracked during 🙂 i got the first one done in a night but the second one took 2 nights.  I think these would make a great Christmas gift. i am thinking about making my dad some in cotton for him to walk around the house in but i will have to think about that a bit more.

The only issue that i had was the blue flap on the foot is actually supposed to fold down on its own and mine doesn’t. It also seems a little smaller then it looks in the photos.  I probably could sew it down but hubby said they were fine the way they were. 

He was excited about them and said that he really liked them, so it was a success.

Baby, Baby, Baby

I had a plan, one FO a day for a couple days. I kept putting it off and now am just putting it all in one post.  Probably what i should have done from the beginning.

Pattern: Baby Cloths from KrisKnits

Needles: Size 3

Note: There are 8 motives in the pattern but i got tired of making them after 4. They did make a great travel project for Chicago though.

Pattern: Baby Bib o’ Love in the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book

Needles: Size 6

Notes: Added button by slipping it on a knit stitch with a crochet hook in the place i wanted it to be.

Pattern: Baby Mary Jane “Skimmers” by Sylvia Schuchardt

Hook: 3.5 mm

Notes: I still haven’t decided if i am giving these to them.  I crocheted the second one a little tighter and you can tell when you look closely.

Yarn: For all of the patterns I used Lily Sugar n’ Cream.

I am happy with all of the projects. Even though they are the simplest, the bibs are my favorite.  They feel soft and nubbly and if i was a baby i think i would want to squish my bib in my hands all the time.  I really hope they like the things i made and use them. I enjoy making the stuff.  I really wanted to do a blanket but i thought better of it.  I need some people who i know would cherish a handknit to have babies.  Then i could go wild with outfits and blankets and other cute things!!!

I have one more baby thing to finish that i started a couple days ago and then i will be all done. It should be done but hubby sidetracked me into making some slippers for him so i am going to finish those tomorrow.  So more FO’s coming. Sooner this time, i really want to try and do better with my blogging.

Happy Weekend!

Sluggin Along

Elmo was very cute 🙂 I am glad we went.  All the friends were doing little skits about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Little Man had a good time but was bummed that Elmo never came to say Hi to him.  Every time some of the characters came off the stage to say Hi to the people in the first few rows you could see him looking over there longingly.  Made me want to go down and drag Elmo over to us 🙂

Here are some pictures-please excuse the occasional head and sound equipment.

Saturday we had some fun around the house and i made my favorite salad:


Recipe from back of Arrowhead Mills box of bulgar wheat

1 cup bulgur wheat

1 1/2 cups boiling water

1 1/2 tsp salt,optional

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/4 cup Olive Oil

Dash of garlic powder

2 tomatoes, diced, i like to use Roma- not as juicy

3 cups chopped parsley

4 green onions chopped

Pour boiling water over bulgar and salt. Cover bulgar for about 30 mins and let sit until water is absorbed. Stir next 3 ingredients into bulgar and chill for 2-3 hours. Add tomatoes, parsley and green onions and gently toss before serving on a bed of lettuce.

My salad is roughly based on this recipe.  I use the same amount of bulgar and water. I don’t add my salt until the end so i can do it to taste.  On Saturday when i made this Little Man and i were deep in play so i didn’t check on the bulgar until probably after 45 mins or maybe more. So by the time i checked it, it was cool enough for me so i didn’t do the step where you add the lemon juice, oil and salt and chill it for several hours-i have never done that. Not even with other recipes.  So i dumped my bulgar in a bowl and threw in the tomatoes, onions and parsley. For the parsley i just bought one bunch and used all the leaves, everybody likes different amounts of parsley so add what suits you.   I added the juice of about 1 1/2 lemons, a dash of olive oil for the taste and then maybe a tablespoon and a half of veggie oil, i just don’t like all that oil in my salad. Then i sprinkled salt and added much more then a dash of the garlic powder because i love garlic 🙂  It was sooo yummy-but next time i think i would add juice of  2 lemons again, just for the extra zip 🙂  i have also added yellow onion  or red onion before.  Colored peppers are good as well. You really can throw in whatever you like but i like the basic version.

Saturday night i started to get a bad sore throat and we all know what that means-Sickness.  I slept most of Sunday and Monday when i took Little Man to school i was feeling pretty good.  Come the evening i was wiped out and just wanted to sleep and it was like that as well yesterday.  Today it hit me even earlier and i ended up sleeping away the whole afternoon. I feel alright now but the way this cold has been treating me who knows how i will be later or tomorrow.

Little Man’s batman slippers have worn down on the bottom and a couple weeks ago i came across this tutorial online and knew i wanted my boy to have some. 

I made them last Thursday. They have a quilter’s flannel on the outside and leftover scraps of fleece on the inside.  I didn’t have enough of one color of fleece so the inside of one is orange and the other bright green.  He was ver excited by them and said “Oh, they are elf slippers” and then we had to play Santa and his helper elf.

I made very little progress on what goes with the mystery paw but i am close.  It has to be done by Saturday so i should have a post on that day.

Yesterday we had weather in the high 50’s it was wonderful and even though i was sick i still took my boy out for a walk and let him go to the playground for about 45 mins.  I think the fresh air did both of us some good and it was so nice to be outside.

Back to resting for me. Oh and thanks for the compliments on Hubby’s sushi he liked them very much 🙂