I haven’t deserted the blog

Wow, i am sorry.  I never meant to disappear for so long.  So I thought that with Little Man at school i would have plenty of time to write a few posts during the week. Wrong.  I applied for a job to be a lunch lady and was hired!  I am actually a substitute lunch lady but  I have been lucky enough to be called in everyday. I sub for all the schools in my city and I have even been at Little Man’s school for a few days.  That was fun for us both 🙂

It’s getting quite chilly here and I have been getting cozy in the evening and knitting.

After the shawl i made for myself, Little Man asked me to make him one. Of course I said Yes.

Pattern: Little Man’s Shawl

Needles: US 10

Yarn: Red and Blue are Vanna’s Choice.  Black is Caron Simply Soft

Notes: I improvised this myself. It’s just plain garter stitch.

I used the cast on from the Kiri Shawl, yarn over increases on the left and right and I used the same center increases that my turquoise shawl used.  So it’s kind of a modge podge of different patterns I have done.

I added the button since I knew that the shawl would just keep falling off, little boys are not the best at sitting still 😉

He was really excited when it was done and has worn it a few times. It’s nice and cozy and soft and has already been through a washing after chocolate ice cream got on it.

I have been working on hubby’s socks.  I have no more excuses not to work on them now that cooler weather is upon us.

I also started some new socks for Socktober.  It a Mystery Sock from the Through the Loops blog.

I have a baby hat in the works and so close to being done!   So you can expect to see that SOON!  No more disappearances from me.

Hope you all are doing well!

About Time!

Last Summer I joined a mystery Kal for a round shawl.   I even started a bit late but was able to catch up and be on the fourth clue when everyone else was.

The fourth clue ruined everything.

I should explain that each clue had four “clues” within it so you were kinda designing the shawl yourself as you went along. Not every-ones shawl would be the same depending on whether you picked chart A,B,C or D within each clue.  Well within Clue 4 I think B and D were 98 rows and A and C were only 50 rows. Well of course I liked D and I was worried if I did one of the shorter ones my shawl wouldn’t be big enough.

So that was 98 rows times 576 stitches per row.  I got tired of the shawl pretty quick and right around the same time last Fall my grandma was visiting so i couldn’t work on. I need 100% focus!  I picked right back up after she left but those rows were taking me painfully long and i kinda gave up on it. I had lost my will and I wasn’t having fun anymore.  Christmas was coming and then all my eye troubles came and come the new year I still wanted nothing to do with the shawl.

Then spring came and I went back to it. A row here and a row there, still not much progress. Summer came and I made finishing the shawl my one goal for the summer. There were a few hiccups, like running out of yarn!!  But…

I DID IT!  She is done and I couldn’t be happier.

Pattern: Mandala by Renee Leverington

Dates: June 24, 2008-Aug. 23, 2009

Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow in Spring Green.  Just a teeny bit over 3 balls!!

Needles: Size 4 circulars-the pattern called for size 5

Notes:  Wonderful Pattern.  I love that you are part of the design process by picking which chart you will do within each clue.

I did:  Clue 1-Chart A, Clue 2-Chart A, Clue 3-Chart A and Clue 4 Chart D.  There is only one edging to chose from for the fifth clue.

I did run out of yarn when I was doing the edging, so close to the end.  Very frustrating but I kinda saw it coming when I saw my yarn dwindling down to nothing. The yarn came quickly and you can’t even tell it’s not the same dye lot.

I am so happy that it is done.  I am still not sure what I will do with it.  I was thinking about putting it on my table.

Or letting hubby wear it 🙂

Or letting it keep me cozy.

We’ll see.