The Marsh

Hi Friends! How are you? I am snuggled up on the couch with Little Man away from the cold that is hovering outside my front door. We got some snow today. Yuck, but I am thankful it was only a little bit. Some people have been hit really hard.


It is pretty, I just don’t like driving in it and because it was so cold the roads were quite slick.

So on Friday I told you we were hoping to go to the Marsh over the weekend and we did! We layered and bundled ourselves up and went over to the marsh for a wonderful walk. I could have stayed there all day but the men aren’t quite as keen as i am to be doing all that walking in the cold but I took some pictures to share our walk with you.


This is when we first got there. Then we started walking on our favorite trail but Little Man wanted to do it in reverse this time.

IMG_1800 IMG_1801 IMG_1803 IMG_1807


You can see that the water was completely frozen in places and then there was a section where the water started flowing over the ice.


This is a part of the marsh that is normally filled with water but you can see there isn’t much in there right now. I love seeing the changes from season to season.


My men playing with their sticks 🙂


Love that pop of red within all that brown. It isn’t as bright in the picture as it was there.



Me all bundled up in my handknits!! That the Gap-tastic cowl and the Wurm hat. I had warmed up a bit by then since we were further into our walk but before that I had my cowl wrapped around a third time and all you could see were my glasses.


IMG_1823 IMG_1824 IMG_1825 IMG_1826 IMG_1827

Along the way we found that the beavers in the area had been busy!! They had chewed five trees and started a sixth one but didn’t it. then you could see the drag marks of the trees going down to the water. Little Man thought it was so neat and we both too some of the shavings that they left behind.


It was hard to get a picture of but here is where they have built their dam a little ways down from where the trees were taken.

IMG_1833 IMG_1835 IMG_1834 IMG_1836 IMG_1837

Bubbles under the ice that Little and Big Man had to “free” with their sticks.

IMG_1838 IMG_1840

Mushrooms growing on trees.

IMG_1841 IMG_1842 IMG_1843 IMG_1844 IMG_1845

That was our walk, enjoyed very much by all.

By the road that leads to the marsh there is a sign for a farmers bakery in the area. it has been there forever but we never checked it out so today we thought we would be adventurous and see what it is all about. It turned out to be super cute little place that had some delightful looking pastries, donuts, pies and even fresh-baked bread. We got a loaf of rye bread and some sweet treats. Then I came home, made some coffee and enjoyed my treat with a book.


I borrowed the book from a friend, it’s Wild Tales by Graham Nash. It is his autobiography and when I read the back of it, it sounded really interesting. I am about four chapters in and while still interesting for me it has slowed down a bit so when I was at the library on Monday it was very easy for me to be tempted by a different book.


This is the third book in the Century Trilogy that started with the Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. This is the Edge of Eternity. It just came out last month I think so when I saw the library had it in I had to check it out. I really enjoyed the first two books, they are very hefty, both close to if not over 1000 pages long but they really pull you into the lives of the different families that you are following starting in the early 1900’s. Book three is starting in 1961 and with the American families it is about segregation and Communism in Cuba. The German families are dealing with the split between East and West Germany and where I am at the Russians have just put up the fence that divides Berlin. The Russians are dealing with JFK and playing nice or maybe not so nice and they have their own kind of revolution going on. We have only seen a little bit of the English family but they all have their struggles whether it is personal, professional or with the country they live in. I can’t wait to read more later tonight.

Hope you are all well. Tomorrow I am hoping to show you a couple upcoming crafts that I am planning on starting, not knitting but I must do something!! Have a great day!


Fo and Marsh

I finished my potholders for the swap last week!! They are labeled, packaged and ready to go to the post office tomorrow.

Pattern: ha wish i could tell you the name of the book but it’s Japanese but the ISBN is 978-4-8347-2524-7 It is all crochet and very cute 🙂  this page has some pics of inside the book

Made for: Crocheted Potholder Swap

Dates: May 2009-i kept trying different patterns that when i finally figured out what i wanted to do i didn’t even make note of when i started i just wanted to make sure i got it done in time.

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream in Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Wine, Jute, White, Bright Navy, Hot Blue, Summer Splash

Hook: H/8-5.00 mm

Notes: I didn’t follow the pattern completely.  The back and front pieces differ slightly.  I made mine both the same. Also it has a rose in the middle of the front and i decided not to do that. Was a nice pattern to work and easy to follow the chart.  Making these potholders has kinda grown on me and so has the crocheting.  i want to make more 🙂  I hope they are well received by the swappers that get one.


How was everyone’s Memorial Day? We went to the marsh and had a picnic. After we stuffed ourselves we walked around the marsh to burn off some of the treats we had 🙂

On our walk we saw some young-one of my favorite things about spring at the marsh.

Lots of them

So cute! I usually go right at the start of spring so you see them when they are really little but it was neat to see them when they are a bit older and bigger.

Some Swan babies as well

After trekking for quite some time on the horse trail we came across some people on horses and one of the gentlemen in the party let Little Man get on his horse! Even shared his cowboy hat.

How cool is that? My future cowboy did awesome on the horse and doesn’t he look so sure of himself on there. Haha, too bad we didn’t get a picture of his face when the horse actually moved a little. 

Finally just towards the end of our walk we came across a straggler on the path

The turtle was just as interested in us as we were in him. When we moved a little he moved as well. Probably  to keep on eye on us.  It was a really nice walk and the weather was perfect.  And even though it’s hard to tell with Little Man, i think he had a good time too.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.