About Time!

Last Summer I joined a mystery Kal for a round shawl.   I even started a bit late but was able to catch up and be on the fourth clue when everyone else was.

The fourth clue ruined everything.

I should explain that each clue had four “clues” within it so you were kinda designing the shawl yourself as you went along. Not every-ones shawl would be the same depending on whether you picked chart A,B,C or D within each clue.  Well within Clue 4 I think B and D were 98 rows and A and C were only 50 rows. Well of course I liked D and I was worried if I did one of the shorter ones my shawl wouldn’t be big enough.

So that was 98 rows times 576 stitches per row.  I got tired of the shawl pretty quick and right around the same time last Fall my grandma was visiting so i couldn’t work on. I need 100% focus!  I picked right back up after she left but those rows were taking me painfully long and i kinda gave up on it. I had lost my will and I wasn’t having fun anymore.  Christmas was coming and then all my eye troubles came and come the new year I still wanted nothing to do with the shawl.

Then spring came and I went back to it. A row here and a row there, still not much progress. Summer came and I made finishing the shawl my one goal for the summer. There were a few hiccups, like running out of yarn!!  But…

I DID IT!  She is done and I couldn’t be happier.

Pattern: Mandala by Renee Leverington

Dates: June 24, 2008-Aug. 23, 2009

Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow in Spring Green.  Just a teeny bit over 3 balls!!

Needles: Size 4 circulars-the pattern called for size 5

Notes:  Wonderful Pattern.  I love that you are part of the design process by picking which chart you will do within each clue.

I did:  Clue 1-Chart A, Clue 2-Chart A, Clue 3-Chart A and Clue 4 Chart D.  There is only one edging to chose from for the fifth clue.

I did run out of yarn when I was doing the edging, so close to the end.  Very frustrating but I kinda saw it coming when I saw my yarn dwindling down to nothing. The yarn came quickly and you can’t even tell it’s not the same dye lot.

I am so happy that it is done.  I am still not sure what I will do with it.  I was thinking about putting it on my table.

Or letting hubby wear it 🙂

Or letting it keep me cozy.

We’ll see.


Whew! It’s been a while.  Thank you all for your well wishes i really had something wicked and i am so happy to be back among the living. And thank you for all the wonderful things you said about my grandma’s stuff-i can’t wait to tell her about it when she calls tomorrow it will make her feel so good 🙂 And we all know crafters like that encouragement.

Well this past week has really been about catching up on everything.  Stuff around the house, knitting, blogs and really just doing SOMETHING, since i did nothing but lay in bed the whole week i was sick.  Sometimes it can be nice doing nothing but seriously i was so happy that i was physically able to move again and have energy that my second day better i cleaned up my whole basement, started rearranging stuff in our bedroom and it felt good-By the end of the day i was so sore and dead tired but i didnt care. 

I have been doing all kinds of stuff. 

First up i had a Belle Armoire magazine for my grandma, it her favorite and i needed to mail it but i wanted to put in a little surprise for her. Well originally i wanted to knit a shawl and put that in but i soon realized that would take me forever.  So instead i remembered that she wanted to see how my sewing machine embroiders so i made her a little towel.


So maybe i went for a quickie project but i am still making her the shawl-It’s the Kiri Shawl (pdf).

I still have a ways to go 🙂

But that’s not all. I also started another shawl this week-Its a Mystery Shawl-here is the Ravelry link-i think you can still join until tomorrow and then the group closes So Hurry if you want to join!!

I only have Clue 1 done. But i am hoping to get Clue 2 done this weekend and since 3 came out today i would have the week to finish it and be all caught up with everybody else.

And i can’t forget that i signed up for Summer of Socks so i also have those on the needles. I am already working on the heel of the first sock so this picture is a couple days old.  I love the color of the yarn so i decided to just do a plain stockinette. Which i haven’t done yet-i usually always do a pattern.

AND lol i still have Little Man’s Cardigan, my squares for my blanket (i only have 4) and i started a surprise for Little Man on Thursday that i should have finished this weekend as well. I have no idea why i have so many thing going i am usually more of a 2 project person but i have really let things get out of hand. its gotten to the point where i am assigning myself time every day to work on a project so one doesn’t linger too long.

I attempted making Strawberry Jam today-i wont be able to tell you until tomorrow if everything worked but aside from my grandma you will be first to know whether it was a success or a failure-so hopefully i will have a picture of some toast with jam tomorrow for you guys 🙂

Other than that things are all going well, hubby has vacation next week so i know we are planning our annual trip to the zoo but i am not sure what else.

Today i am ending with My Little Man’s summer haircut-we do this every year but it’s still hard for me becuase i like when he has longer hair but i have to think about his comfort before my preferences, and he says he really likes it. it’s actually a tad shorter than we usually so but all hubby had in his shave kit was #4 and #1 so #1 it was-Eeeee… but he still looks adorable and we did save 12 bucks by doing the haircut at home.

Hope you all have a great weekend!