Besides just being a slow knitter and easily side-tracked. There is another reason i haven’t been getting much knitting done lately.

I have been sewing!! Lots and Lots of sewing.

96 pieces of stocking shape, main fabric and lining fabric

24 felt stars, cut

24 pieces of ribbon

Yards of thread and silver metallic DMC floss

Cut, Sew, Cut, Embroider, Sew On, Sew Together and VOILA!!

A Stocking Advent Calendar:

(please excuse the background but i don’t really have much that is solid colored-so i used Little Man’s blanket)

I am so happy with how this turned out, i have wanted to make an advent calendar for a long time. I was gonna make a wall one at first but last year i set my mind on a stocking calendar.  There was a few points where i thought i would never get it done in time and wondered what i had gotten myself into but IT”S DONE and i couldnt be happier.

Now i just figure out how i am going to hang it up and Where?? Before that comes the fun part-filling it with goodies.  I like to do a couple small toys and some chocolate. I also had my Grandma send me some Kinder Überraschungs Ei also known as Kinder Surprise. I loved these as a child and have a big box of all the prizes i collected that Little Man likes to play with. He is always trying to take coins from us so i am going to put some coins in some of the pockets. Pretty much like how my grandma always used to make for me 🙂

But now-back to knitting!!!!


Some Sewing

I have been meaning to post this for a couple days now but the urge to do something else overpowered me. Last week i was able to get some sewing done.

First up an apron.  Now the apron is basically pre-printed onto the fabric and you just cut it out, follow the directions and sew it up. Omi always buys these every year when she is here. They have a couple different motifs. Her favorite are the ones with Gingerbread Men but she bought one like this as well.  So i decided i would try one for myself.  Very easy and completed in an afternoon.

Every year i like to make Little Man something for the holidays and i decided for Halloween it would be a new bag for trick-or-treating. The first year it was too little, they did lots of chips that year and last year i was sick so often that we just bought one. So this year i wanted to try again. And it came out great one of my best tote bags yet. I use this pattern.

And it’s reversible-with two dark fabrics. i was hoping for something a bit brighter but this is what Little Man picked. I am just happy i sewed it up so well…at least the parts you can see 😉

I have a blanket planned for Little Man and i plan to sew it up as soon as i finish mine. He even picked out all his fabric already and i cut out the squares last week. When we bought his fabric there was one that he liked but it was’t suited to the squares that i would be cutting so i told him i would make him a pillowcase to match the blanket.  So to tide him over until i do make the blanket i made him his pillowcase.

Today there was stuff going on all over for Halloween. Our local supermarket was giving away treats and samples.  The city was doing a little Halloween party for kids under eight and they got candy and got to play games and then at the bookstore there was a Halloween Spooktacular, more treats and games.  Little Man got to wear his Batman costume to everything and he had a great time. At the bookstore he got his face painted

and he did not want to take it off at all at bedtime-I can understand why-Doesn’t he look adorable 🙂 Oh i mean fierce of course-I can’t call Batman adorable. lol!!

Hope you are all having as good of a weekend.


Today is mainly a day of relaxation. Just enjoying being at home. Hubby is in the Living Room reading, Little Man is playing with some rocks and i have been doing some sewing, laundry and Internet browsing.  We are also all relaxing because the weather is very dreary and rainy, the perfect home day 🙂 And Little Man has caught his first cold of the season and we haven’t even started school yet. Not a good sign, i really want to make an effort to try and stay as healthy as possible this Fall & Winter.

Our Week was nice and busy and went by very quickly.  On Wednesday i started cutting some fabric:

It has been assembled but i can’t show you everything at once that’s no fun 😉

Thursday hubby went to pick up his tux for the wedding on Friday and brought me home a surprise on the way back.  He is very wonderful and talk about earning some brownie points for himself 🙂

I LOVE IT!!!!!  I have always wanted a ball-winder and swift but just didn’t think it was worth getting. I was so wrong!!!  It is so much fun winding yarn and Little Man can even do it so if for some reason i didn’t want to do it. I could set it up and put him to work 🙂 Hee Hee

Here are my first “Yarn Cakes”


And on Friday Little Man woke up sick so we just relaxed and hung out and got ready for the wedding.

It turned out really nice, Here is the Happy Couple sharing their first kiss as Husband and Wife!!

Congrats Dan & Jess!!!!

Almost no knitting has been done the past few days but i hope to do some tonight.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Not sure where i have been…

Cause i have been home and on my computer that i got back last week and repaired. Its like a whole new computer-New system board, keyboard, heat fan, battery, and some audio thing i couldn’t read the writing on the paper i got back with my computer. 

I haven’t gotten much knitting done mainly because i have been online and also because i have been a bit lazy. i think it has been the muggy-ness and Honestly i have so many projects going on and none of them really appeal to me at all. I mean i like them but none are like a project you just want to finish so you can use it.

I did manage to get some sewing done over the weekend.  A week or so ago Soule Mama released a pattern for her Gratitude Wrap.  I am very thankful she shared the pattern with her readers.

I made 3. 

A Practice one:

The one after the practice one:

And then of course Little Man wanted one-he actually thought the first one was for him but i let him pick out his own fabric from my stash and made him one.

Funny of all of them the practice one turned out the best and is my favorite.  They haven’t been filled with anything yet but i want to try and make my own notebook for one to stick in my purse and the other one i will use as she has used it in her pattern for thank you cards or letters and stamps and an address book so everything is in one spot.

I think they are just super cute and handy. I am very happy with them 🙂 and may make more as gifts.

I will be back to posting more often and hope to get back to some knitting tonight.

Shorts for Little Man

Thank you for all you well wishes for Little Man. I am happy to say that he is all better and using his arm like a normal wild and wacky boy.

Shorts for Little Man, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Last week i tried making some shorts for Little Man.
They turned out pretty good. I still need to seriously work on my sewing and cutting-yes i realize cutting should have been easier with a pattern but when i say i am a horrible cutter i mean it-i just can’t explain it. It’s like the scissors get a mind of their own.

 Little Man likes the shorts very much and i do too. The other day we were at the playground and it was really crowded and whenever i thought i had lost him i could look down a little and look for blue elephant pants running around-not something all the kids have 🙂

The pattern is Butterick 3109.

 I also got a pattern to make hubby some shorts for Father’s Day but now i am not sure i will have time to make them. I hope i can do at least one pair.

well off to finally do my laundry-i wish it would just go away 🙂

Have a Happy Wednesday!!!

Pleated Beauty

 It’s all done!! Whew!
This was a lot of sewing but i am really happy with how it turned out.

Owl side, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

This is the Pleated Beauty Bag from Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. It’s a nice size tote and will be good for a knitting project or just as a big bag because i carry around a lot of stuff 🙂

My favorite part is Little Man’s owl i am so glad that i had him draw a picture for me. I like my sheep as well but there is just that extra sweeteness to the Owl side 🙂

The bag itself was easy to put together there was just a lot of pieces that had to be sewn together. i could see myself making another one of these but not anytime soon.

Knitting-wise i have no finished projects-i never even touched my June-Bug like i said i wanted to.
Instead i cast on for two new projects!! Drive-Thru by Wendy Bernard-i am making a cardigan version for Little Man and a Knitted Teddy Bear. I got a new book on saturday called Knitted Bears– it’s by Clare Garland, the same author of Knitted Babes and Dream Toys. The bears are super cute and come with super cute outfits. As soon as i finish making Little Man’s i am making one for myself 🙂 Little Man said he “wants all the bears” so i have a feeling we will have a family of bears and i still want to make more knitted babes i just have been so busy starting new things that come along that i haven’t gone back to do any repeat projects. I need an extra set of arms.

Tomorrow i have some package goodies to show 🙂

Sewing pt. 2

Sorry about the delay but i am still coughing like crazy and i just felt like curling up in bed last night.

Happy Wallet, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

My last sewing projct to show off until i can take pictures of the others (they are at my mom’s house-it could be awhile lol) is the No Cash Wallet also in the Bend the Rules Sewing book.

I love this little thing. The fabric is so happy and bright and it just make me smile.
This is a quick sew and so far my favorite. i had no problems with this one-YAY!! The only thing that is not like the pattern is that i did not sew around the wallet after i had turned it right side out like you are supposed to, if i had my cars would not have fit-this way they are perfect and if i may say so-my wallet does not even need the seam all the way around 🙂 i am not being ocky-just very happy it worked out so well. So what happened? Well even though i always check eratta for knitting books it totally slipped my mind to do that as well for this book. So of course there was a mistake in the pattern that i did not know about-it really needs to be a about a half inch wider around.
Will be making more of these!!
There has been no knitting since i have been sick-and i still just don’t feel like doing any–i have blahs.
But on a bright note-i got some mail yesterday!!!


What a beautiful letter-Than you so much Joanna-you will get a response soon.
We are going on a little road trip this weekend-so Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!