clue 4 completed

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Well as you can see i finshed Clue 4 on Sunday night. I am glad i was able to finish it earlier because i wanted a few days where i didn’t have to worry about it and the freedom to work on other things. I can’t believe it is almost done-This Friday we get clue 5, find out what the theme is and why we had to put in the lifeline-All super mysterious-I have no clue what’s going on LOL-i suck at guessing things.

This is also the week we start mailing our Sockapalooza socks. Eeeee! i am nervous about sending my package. But i picked up a couple little things for my pal-just general things that i guess i would think anybody would like because aside from what she wrote about her socks i really didn’t find out that much about her. I really hope she likes her socks and that they fit. Eeeeeee! 🙂 🙂 🙂
AND of course i am super excited about finding out who my sock pal has been. My pal has been so nice and left comments on my almost all my entries-it feels good when before i only got comments from my mom or my friend Andrea but i made them look at my blog lol i never made my pal. 🙂 So i am excited.
Since i do have a few days until clue 5 comes out-i am going to work on my Pinwheel Purse and finally try a bracelet from my book that i got a couple weeks ago. i also have to finish winding my second skein of yarn for the Stole. 

I have decided to end this post by sending you over to fellow blogger, Joanna. She made some Cat Drawings that i just love and want you all to see too. The colors in them are great and she had some fun with the word Cat- So go check them out- Friendsheep!

Enjoy and i hope you are all having a good week so far and keeping cool-it looks like it is Hot all over the States-i know it is here-Heat=sluggish me!  And fellow readers in other countries- CNN did not tell me your weather but i hope you are comfortable too!


Thanx, MS3, Harry Potter, and a Happy Face


MS3 clue 3, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Thank you Sock Pal and Joanna for your kind words on my frustration-i am usually a pretty patient person but after my last 10 rows causing me so much trouble i guess it just got to me. i am happy to say i went back to the Stole yesterday night and finished rows 153-189 with no problems. i finshed the last 10 rows this afternoon so i am ready for Clue 4. I have found reading the chart aloud to myself as i go along helps so Yep if someone was spying on me they would see me talking to myself. but Thanx again you guys-it made me feel better.

I got a new book in the mail and a new project that is going on the needles tonight 🙂


The new book is a Japanese Friendship Bracelet book called Misanga Promise Ring( ISBN 978-4-529-04355-7)WOW thats all i can say-the bracelets in there are so awesome-i can’t wait to try some-this is definately a step up from the bracelets i usually make.  I first saw the book at Wise Craft and fell in love so thanx for enabling me and posting about the book 🙂

The purse is the Pinwheel Purse from Modular Knits by Iris Schreier.  it was one of the first projects i wanted to make out of the book and it look like a fun and quick knit 🙂

Tomorrow Little Man is staying at Grandma’s House and it is the Official all about Harry Potter Day for me-after Little Man gets picked up Hubby and I will go to dinner and then to see Harry Potter :Order of the Phoenix. Then we will put on our small costumes for the Harry Potter Book 7 Release Party at our local Borders.  I am sooooo excited!! Yes I LOVE the Harry Potter books. i can’t believe this is the last book already-i know at fisrt i thought the books were takign forever to come out but now this is the last one Already 🙂  It will me a fun night out for me and hubby 🙂

and now the Promised Happy face but first a bit of background-little man is a Pro and drawing Happy faces and does it all the time tons of them-well yesterday he got his play-do back after having it taken away some time ago (he wasn’t putting it away and we have lost lots of hard playdo). And the first thing he made was this 🙂 it put a huge smile on my face when he called me to come look-i love this boy so much!! i hope it makes you guys smile too.


I probably won’t post again til Sunday so Have a Great Weekend Everybody!!

Lace Frustration

I didn’t work on the Mystery stole last night-i looked at the chart, saw all the symbols and my brain said “UGH NO!” so i played online and worked on my slow and boring cardigan for 4 slow rows.

So tonight i made myself work on the stole and after one row i have run into problems-i just can’t seem to make it thru a row without missing a yarn over. I was one stitch short on the right side and i found where i forgot a yarnover and fixed it. Went back to working on the right side one row 153 and now SOMEHOW i have one stitch too many!!!!!!!! and i dont even feel like dealing with it so here i am back online.  I was afraid this would happen-i hope this doesnt discourage me and put me behind i really wanted to try and stick with it week to week so that way i can see the finished stole withe everyone else and not later. But i will just take a breather again and work on it tomorrow or maybe try and fix my row later.  I just hope i don’t have have to deal with this every row-i was being so careful.  ARRRGHHHH i just want to yell and stomp LOL i know i am being so silly but the last 10 rows of Clue 2 and now just beginning clue 3 and i am having problems. 

well i feel better-glad i have a place to vent to.

Hope the rest of you making this are having better luck with your stole.

Good night.

Elephant Ears=Yummy

Mystery Stole 3, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

I am moving along slowly on my Mystery Stole-i didnt get the 2nd clue done until late last night. Part of the problem came when i was working on row 43-i would do the row move on and realize i missed a yarnover-go back and fix it-Frog back and fix that one and miss another one so from back and fix it AGAIN- THREE TIMES I DID THIS-very frustrating-but i was trying to rush because i wanted to work on my sock pal’s sock but Alas my cocky fastness only left me working on my shawl all night. BUT i really like how its shaping up!!! and even with my little hiccup last night i am still having fun with this.

Not much else is really going on right now. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL-my ideal weather!! High 70’s and breezy. Little Man and I went to the local Art Fair yesterday-and i was a little disappointed. I like Art Fairs but it really seems like Art Fairs are becoming less and less “ART” fairs. I mean there was a huge booth of name brand sunglasses there and a lot of the booths were also just from the stores that happen to be on that main street already. It used to have om many awesome and original things- i used to leave wanting something from half of the booths. That is just MY opinion of this one fair-i know that there are other much better fairs out there. But we still had a lot of fun and we had an Elephant Ear-Mmmmm so GOOD-the art fair is the only time a year i eat one of those.
No big plans for the weekend-i am sure some playground time with Little Man and knitting of course!
Have a Great Weekend!!

Not enough on the Needles…

MS3 clue 1, originally uploaded by Craftydiddl.

Start a New Project!!
I joined Mystery Stole 3!! I mean Come On-I don’t have enough things that i want to knit 🙂 But i am really glad that i joined. So far i am loving how my first Lace Project (lace yarn & lace pattern all in one) I have never worked with lace yarn before but i have done easy lace patterns.  I am using Knit Picks Shadows in the color Grape Jelly and some clear, shiny beads 🙂  Clue 1 done and Clue 2 tomorrow!
It’s late and that’s all i got for tonight.
A partial sock and a finished washcloth picture coming next time…So stay tuned 😉