Hi Friends! How are you? I am ok. I didn’t get to decorate my tree like I was hoping too. I went to a couple shops after work to find Christmas Eve pajamas for the boys. While out I did find some for hubby but still nothing for my boy :(! Anyway while out I felt a headache creeping on and I hoped it would pass but it just got worse and worse! So after getting the boy from school, I made some hot chocolate for the both of us and rested on the couch until I had to make dinner. Getting up just made it worse but lucky for me my hubby came home from work and took over for me. He told me to go back to rest and he would take care of it all. He even brought me my plate all made up! So sweet of him! It’s little things like that that totally make my day and mean so much to me! I am feeling better now but that means my tree is still pretty naked!
So, hopefully better luck tomorrow and we are going to a hockey game so I will have plenty to share with you!
Have a wonderful day!!


One thought on “Quickie

  1. When I still lived with my parents we used to buy and decorate the Christmas tree on 24th December, just in time for celebrations. *^v^*
    Headaches can be awful, I know them too… It’s good your husband helped with everything, that’s why we love them so much! *^o^*

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