A Day Off

Hi all! Thanks for the pumpkin love! I always look forward to carving the pumpkin every year, even though I groan about cleaning it out. Halloween was fun, Little Man got lots of candy and the rain held off until the last half hour. My husband’s umbrella was blown inside out twice much to my enjoyment. I couldn’t stop laughing, especially since his umbrella is so big and he had a hard time getting back the right way…Yes, I did just stand there and laugh instead of helping him and I am not ashamed to admit it.

We had the day off school and work today because of elections so Little Man and I went off gallivanting and did a bit of shopping. I found a new tea Joanna, and since you have shared yours a few times i thought I would share the one I picked up at TJ Maxx (TK Maxx for you).

IMG_1737 IMG_1738

I had one after we got back and it was very good. I don’t add any sugar or honey, What about you fellow tea drinkers, do you put anything in your teas?

After shopping, Little Man and I then made some Apple Bread. It’s one of my favorites and it has been much too long since i have made it. While we were out we got some more Honey Crisp apples.


Here is most of our supplies, there are two bags of flour because I wasn’t sure I had enough but in the end we just made it.


Here is the end result. Yummy!!!!!


We are down to almost one loaf already, but it’s not all in our bellies, I made a few baggies for some ladies I work with because we are always sharing new recipes or treats with each other.

After cleaning up, making dinner and then cleaning up some more, I went for a quick 15 minute walk around the neighborhood. It was so nice and peaceful and I didn’t have to worry about walking alone because I had this guy with me…


Yep, that’s right, Batman is my own personal bodyguard. 🙂

Good Night my friends!


One thought on “A Day Off

  1. I’m so going to TKMaxx next week! I’ve noticed they started to sell groceries recently so maybe I’ll find some nice teas too. *^o^* (I always leave with scented candles… ^^)
    I usually don’t add anything into my tea unless I want to drink bawarka which is just tea and some milk. And when I’m cold I drink strong black tea with a slice of lemon, 2 teaspoons of honey and some fresh ginger.
    I think I should bake an apple pie for the weekend! (We try not to eat desserts on weekdays. Yeah, we try… *^v^*)

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