Happy Sunday! The weekend always flies by.

The rest of the week went by smoothly. Hubby is back home from his business travels and we have just been relaxing before the week starts back up again.

Saturday started bright and early(was too early for my liking on a weekend morning, I was a bit grumpy) because Little Man had his soccer tournament.

IMG_1672They lost their first game and then had to wait over and hour before the next game started.  But happily by then the sun was out.


Sadly, they lost that game too. Little Man was disappointed. They had beat this team twice before and thought for sure they could do it again. But the other team had learned and Little Man’s team was just not playing at their best.  While disappointed, he was not discouraged and said “I am signing up in the Spring”.

After Soccer we did some yard work. The front lawn was covered in leaves and one of my front plant beds needed some tending. I had some help.

IMG_1686I also trimmed my hydrangea and even all brown and dried up I thought it still looked beautiful (they are normally all white) so I brought some in to have in my craft room.

IMG_1687This morning we had breakfast with a friend and then back home to do laundry. I also worked on getting my table cleared in the craft room so i can do some sewing since i am still trying to be good and give my hands and wrists a break from the knitting…its so hard!! i want to knit so badly. But i must behave if i want to get my hands back on the needles. I have considered teaching myself to knit differently. I knit the Continental way so maybe switching could help. We will see, its so hard to break from what you are used to and what my hands could almost do in their sleep!

Joanna, my mom actually ended up doing another batch of yarn and it turned out a much deeper blue, i still haven’t seen it but she is supposed to send me a picture, if not i’ll try and get one next time i see her. I did think about dyeing over it but I am going to leave it, as a memory of my first time. I really didn’t have any specific expectations i was just doing it for fun.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend and has a good start to the week.



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