Dyeing Yarn with Mom

So my mom has been off on travels to Ohio on and off over the summer and one of the things she did there was take some classes on natural dyes. She even made a plant box that is specifically filled with plants for dyeing. The main one being Indigo.

So after telling me the time was coming to try it out at home, i asked to add my naked skein that i have had laying around in the house for a few years now with plans to kool-aid dye but never got around to it.


Here it is, ready and eager! I opened it up and added a couple more pieces of thread so that it was tied in four places instead of just two.

A couple weeks later my mom was ready and soaked my yarn overnight in some water.


In a pot on the stove she had her leaves cooking up. Here she is picking out the leaves and squeezing all the water she can out of them.


Once she had squeezed as much of the excess water out as she could, she added a couple things, I am not sure all that it was. She was one a mission. We also poured the water back and forth between two pots to aerate it and make the color darken up. Then it was ready and we added the yarn!



I know it looks quite green, i was wondering the whole time as we were working on it why it wasn’t looking more blue. But i didn’t say anything and was waiting for the magic to happen. Happen it did!

it was so cool how in the pot it looked green but as soon as you pulled the yarn out of the pot and it hit the air, it started to turn blue!


After a rinse and a few minutes soak in some vinegar water, I took my yarn home in a plastic bag. Here he is when i got him home before I hung him in the basement to dry.


After a couple days in the basement, my yarn did lighten up but it is not nearly as much as in this picture, after i wind it up into a skein i will take another shot and hopefully it will be more true to color but it is like a pale turquoise. I am really happy with it.


It is a fingering weight yarn, so i am thinking some socks but i am not totally sure yet.

Well that was my adventure in dyeing with my mom. It went pretty well considering we did it all in about an hour. i would love to try some other colors. She also made a couple more pots and did some other yarn and fabric. So swesome what nature has to offer us!


One thought on “Dyeing Yarn with Mom

  1. Great job! It must be fun to dye with plant leaves, the shades can be one of a kind and the knited item from that yarn is unique. *^v^*
    Could you overdye this yarn to get darker colour? A really dark indigo would be interesting but also hard to achieve I believe.

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