Fiber Festival

Fiber Festival Report time!!

The Festival wasn’t  very big but they had lots of roving and wool to put your hands in and squish!

To keep Little Man busy while I was browsing I gave him my camera, so you can thank him for all the great shots. These are just a sampling I couldn’t put them all on here.

Ich habe Der Kleine Mann mein kamera gegaben dammit ich in ruhe rumschauen konnte 🙂  Sie konnen ihn fur die fotos danken. Das sind nicht alle. Er hat sehr viele genommen.

Some used and new books.



Very Cool and Cute Creatures

Beautiful Doll and Mermaid

I love these fairies!

Some spinning and bunnies for sale.

Cute Handmade pouches with sheep on them of course!

So many colors!

What I walked away with from the fiber festival.

Some Sheep we made from the roving. We used this tutorial. Little Man’s is the blue one and mine is the white one.

Wir haben die schafe gemacht. Der blaue hat Kleine Mannn gemacht.

It was lots of fun and I am glad my mom took us along.

It’s been a busy week at work and not much of anything crafty has been done.

Lots of reading though.  I am almost done with book 11 from the Stephanie Plum series. I should be able to start 12 tonight!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Ich wunsche euch eine Schones Wochenende!


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