Some Snow and A Start…

Today we had a Snow Day! I realize our snow doesn’t look like much and unlike some other states we are very lucky. It sure was nice having a snow day.

Little Man helped Dad shovel,

Made a snow angel and

Attacked me from outside.  So naturally i had to get in my snow gear and go outside to get him back 🙂

We had great fun and all our pretty snow has been smooshed and trampled.  We made some dinosaur caves too.

Yay for Snow Days!


The first finished knit I am going to show you was a gift for my mom’s birthday.

Pattern: Hot-water bottle cover by Sarah Dallas published in Sarah Dallas Knitting

Dates: Around Jan 14, 2010-Feb. 2, 2010

Yarns: Berroco Comfort 9740 (green) Berroco Comfort 9722 (purple)

Needle: Size 6

Hook: G

Notes: I followed the pattern as written and then after 5 inches it suddenly hit me that my hot water bottle has a little tab on the bottom to hang it up by.  My mom and I have the same bottle. So I decided at that point to bind off the sts that make up the two center cables on Row 6 of the pattern and then recast those same sts on in the next row. If I had planned ahead I would have done the tab hole after about 3 inches because the overlap of the two pieces should be more towards the bottom, not right in the middle of the cover. Because of this on the second side I only knit for 5 inches, instead of the 7 the pattern has you do, before starting my decreases.  Just to make sure that the bottle can easily be put in the cover.

I love this cover and already have some Cascade 220 set aside to make my own in the near future.  The Berroco Comfort is super soft and has great stitch definition so i think it works really well for this pattern. Hope my mom likes it as much as I do.


3 thoughts on “Some Snow and A Start…

  1. We got our share of snow over a week ago, so beautiful !
    You little one was having a blast !
    My dd loves playing in the snow, it seems that little ones don’t care about being cold as long as they are having fun… lol.

    Your knitting is great … as usual 😉 !

  2. We had a snow day too and got way less snow than you. The weather people panicked and so did the schools. We were north of the heavy snow.
    The hot water bottle cover is excellent! Your mother will be thrilled. I have been tempted to knit one.

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