Winter Gear

I made my goal! I got Little Man’s hat and cowl done just in time to go back to school. And he needed them!

Waves Cowl:

Pattern: Soft Waves by Jan Eaton

Dates: Dec 25, 2009-Jan 1, 2010, first FO of the year!

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted

Hook: G

Notes: I was originally going to make this a scarf but i just didn’t feel like it at all, so Little Man and I had a chat and he agreed to a cowl especially once he knew it would be done quicker.

“Hat Like Rabbit’s”

We have had the book “Shall I Knit You a Hat?”  by Kate Klise and this year Little Man asked me to make him a hat like Rabbit’s in the book. No Problem!

Pattern: The pattern for the hat is in the back of the book but you can also find the same pattern called The Jester Hat in The Yarn Girl’s Guide to Kid Knits.

Dates:Dec 26, 2009-Jan 3, 2010

Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Fjord Solid in New Snow, Bluebell and Jet Black.  Just under one skein of each color.

Needle: Size 7

Notes: The pattern in the book only goes up to 3 yr old so I cast on 108 sts to make it fit Little Man’s hat.  Rabbits hat is also pictured with ear flaps and ties so I had to add those since they are not in the pattern and our hat has to be “like rabbit’s”.

I also added a fleece lining for extra warmth and did a crochet edging.

The “ears” don’t stay up as well as they did for the photo but he still likes it and has worn it every day.

So while we had a warm head and neck we were still missing some mittens.  We had some gloves that we bought but Little Man was very adamant that he needed mittens this year too.  I got the first mitten done pretty fast but i was a bit slow on starting the second mitten and these are mittens you could easily finish in an evening at most two.  So every day for three days Little Man said to me ” I really wanna wear my blue mittens but only that one is done.”  Talk about guilt trip. I finally cranked out the last mitten in a couple hours.

Pattern: Super Mittens from Weekend Knitting

Dates: Jan 3-Jan 7, 2010

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted, held double

Needle: 10.5

Notes: I worked the pattern as written for the smallest size but I did have to add two more rows to the length of the hand.

Good thing I got the mittens done when I did because that same night we got a few inches of snow.

Little Man is finally all set for winter now.

3 thoughts on “Winter Gear

  1. The hat is beautiful! I am still in my “I love rabbits” mood and I adore this hat, I’ve never seen a hat like that! *^v^*
    And the cowl is much more practical for a boy than a long scarf, I think. It’s quicker to put on and button up, and then it stays around the neck keeping it warm. ~^^~

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