I haven’t deserted the blog

Wow, i am sorry.  I never meant to disappear for so long.  So I thought that with Little Man at school i would have plenty of time to write a few posts during the week. Wrong.  I applied for a job to be a lunch lady and was hired!  I am actually a substitute lunch lady but  I have been lucky enough to be called in everyday. I sub for all the schools in my city and I have even been at Little Man’s school for a few days.  That was fun for us both 🙂

It’s getting quite chilly here and I have been getting cozy in the evening and knitting.

After the shawl i made for myself, Little Man asked me to make him one. Of course I said Yes.

Pattern: Little Man’s Shawl

Needles: US 10

Yarn: Red and Blue are Vanna’s Choice.  Black is Caron Simply Soft

Notes: I improvised this myself. It’s just plain garter stitch.

I used the cast on from the Kiri Shawl, yarn over increases on the left and right and I used the same center increases that my turquoise shawl used.  So it’s kind of a modge podge of different patterns I have done.

I added the button since I knew that the shawl would just keep falling off, little boys are not the best at sitting still 😉

He was really excited when it was done and has worn it a few times. It’s nice and cozy and soft and has already been through a washing after chocolate ice cream got on it.

I have been working on hubby’s socks.  I have no more excuses not to work on them now that cooler weather is upon us.

I also started some new socks for Socktober.  It a Mystery Sock from the Through the Loops blog.

I have a baby hat in the works and so close to being done!   So you can expect to see that SOON!  No more disappearances from me.

Hope you all are doing well!

2 thoughts on “I haven’t deserted the blog

  1. What does the lunch lady do? I don’t have much contact with schools these days so I’m not sure, do you prepare lunches or maybe serve it to kids?
    The shawl is a great idea for the chilli days, I’m working on one myself because we suddenly have a cold rainy windy Autumn here…

  2. Congratulations on a new job! It’s so nice that you get to go to Little Man’s school too. (Is he loving school?)
    Little Man’s shawl is wonderful. I bet he loves to snuggle with it.
    Your sock is coming along nicely. The colors are so pretty.

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