A few weeks ago we were at the museum and in the shop they had hobby horses.  Hobby Horses are a horse head on a stick that you “ride” on.

Little Man asked if he could have one. Well at 25 bucks it just wasn’t worth it for me and I knew he probably wouldn’t play with it as much as he thought he would and I knew I could make him one for less than half the price.  I had actually mentally bookmarked one in the Living Crafts magazine, Winter 09.  So i asked him if he liked it and he did.  So we raided Daddy’s sock drawer and picked out a sock for the head, yarn for the reins and mane and I got to work.  I am happy with how it came out and we only spent about 10 bucks, for the broom handle, bells and buttons for his eyes.

Giddy-Up Horsey!!

Now that the cowboy or Knight has his noble steed 🙂 We also did some rescuing.

This beauty was rescued from the Salvation Army for $2.99.  Little Man loves it and sleeps with every night. They actually had a few crochet blankets but this one was the best and it’s the perfect size for him.

Little Man starts kindergarten Sept. 9 so we are slowly getting ready. I can’t believe my Little Guy will be gone all day!  It will take some adjusting, especially on my part but I am excited for him as well.   But with some of that free time we should hopefully see some more blog posts around here!!

Hope everyone is doing well.

2 thoughts on “Giddy-up!

  1. Wow, that’s a great way to make a hobby horse, and it’s more fun because you get to pick everything by yourself – the colours, the materials, the bells, ect. Great job!
    Good luck for the Little Man, I’m sure he’ll love kindergarten, being with new friends and experiencing new adventures. *^v^*

  2. What an excellent hobby horse!! I’m sure its way better than the one at the store.
    Good luck to Little Man and you. Starting kindergarten is so exciting. I bet you’ll both like it.
    The bags in the previous post are lovely.
    My bloglines isn’t picking up your feed again. I’ll have to check in more regularly.

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