Dolly and WWKIP

Okay, this is the last knit that i made for the baby.  She was born yesterday by the way, how appropriate since it was WWKIP day 🙂 Peyton, 7 lbs 13 ozs and 20 inches long.  My friend and the baby are both doing well and resting. Peyton is super adorable!!  She even has some super soft hair covering her head. When we go visit again after they get home i will take a picture and post it.

Pattern: Dolly by Jess Hutchinson in Unusual Toys to Knit

Made for: Baby Peyton

Dates: May 31-June 7, 2009

Yarn: Various Bits of Bernat and Red Heart.  The body and hair are Bernat and the dress and edging is Red Heart.

Needles: size 8 douple points and i think 3.5 mm hook for the edging

Notes: Worked pattern as written. It was easy to follow.  She is supposed to have “undies” on under her dress but when i cast on for the body i didnt pay attention and went right to using the the skin color and it was until i was halfway done with the body and it tells you to switch to the skin color that i realized my mistake and didnt want to go back to fix it.  So i made her dress a few rows longer for extra coverage. Now you only know if you look 😉

Yesterday was WWKIP day and i did go out and meet the local group of knitters and knit at the park with them.  I forgot my camera again!

But all was not lost. I did have my camera phone and was able to take some worthwhile pictures.

  When four of the six ladies that were still left toward the end left to go to the bathroom we had a visit from the resident of the park.

He made himself right at home and sat in an empty chair

Then decided to go over to the picnic table

Because he was hungry! Smart Squirrel Chips Ahoy are yummy!!

Cindy shook the cookie box to get him away and all he did was back up a little and look at her like “So that means no cookies”  Then he investigated around the picnic table some more.  But this squirrel could have cared less about the two of us. I was able to walk quite close to take the pictures of him with the camera phone.  Definitely one of the highlights.   But we all had a ton of fun laughing and knitting and eating goodies that people brought.  Glad i was able to go! Hope you had a good WWKIP day.


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