Slippers for Hubby

While watching me make some baby slippers hubby decided that he wanted some as well.  I started to make some from different patterns i came across online. One from a Japanese website and another i came across on Both of them worked the sole in only a few rows and they came nowhere near the size of hubby’s foot that i had traced onto a piece of paper.  I started to get kind of frustrated and decided to work the sole on my own just by going by his foot.  Well that took me forever and i still wasn’t happy with it.  After a break for a couple days i decided this wouldn’t work and looked around on Ravelry for some other ideas. I sent hubby a few links and he picked the ones he liked best.

Pattern: Crochet Slippers by Doris Chan found in Interweave Holiday Knits 2006, Knitscene Fall/Winter 2005 and you can buy it online if you don’t have either of those issues.

Made for: Hubby’s Feet 🙂

Dates: June 3-June 6, 2009

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice

Hook: I/9

Notes: I followed the pattern as written.  It was very well written and i think the slippers came out great. They are also a quick project.  I could do a slipper a night if i had a couple hours that i didn’t get side tracked during 🙂 i got the first one done in a night but the second one took 2 nights.  I think these would make a great Christmas gift. i am thinking about making my dad some in cotton for him to walk around the house in but i will have to think about that a bit more.

The only issue that i had was the blue flap on the foot is actually supposed to fold down on its own and mine doesn’t. It also seems a little smaller then it looks in the photos.  I probably could sew it down but hubby said they were fine the way they were. 

He was excited about them and said that he really liked them, so it was a success.


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