Baby, Baby, Baby

I had a plan, one FO a day for a couple days. I kept putting it off and now am just putting it all in one post.  Probably what i should have done from the beginning.

Pattern: Baby Cloths from KrisKnits

Needles: Size 3

Note: There are 8 motives in the pattern but i got tired of making them after 4. They did make a great travel project for Chicago though.

Pattern: Baby Bib o’ Love in the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book

Needles: Size 6

Notes: Added button by slipping it on a knit stitch with a crochet hook in the place i wanted it to be.

Pattern: Baby Mary Jane “Skimmers” by Sylvia Schuchardt

Hook: 3.5 mm

Notes: I still haven’t decided if i am giving these to them.  I crocheted the second one a little tighter and you can tell when you look closely.

Yarn: For all of the patterns I used Lily Sugar n’ Cream.

I am happy with all of the projects. Even though they are the simplest, the bibs are my favorite.  They feel soft and nubbly and if i was a baby i think i would want to squish my bib in my hands all the time.  I really hope they like the things i made and use them. I enjoy making the stuff.  I really wanted to do a blanket but i thought better of it.  I need some people who i know would cherish a handknit to have babies.  Then i could go wild with outfits and blankets and other cute things!!!

I have one more baby thing to finish that i started a couple days ago and then i will be all done. It should be done but hubby sidetracked me into making some slippers for him so i am going to finish those tomorrow.  So more FO’s coming. Sooner this time, i really want to try and do better with my blogging.

Happy Weekend!


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