Chicago Pt. 1

We got to Chicago a little after one, oh no wait a little after twelve with the time difference, so we had 3 hours to walk around until we could check into out hotel.

The first thing we came to was a big park one block from the hotel-it’s called Millennium Park.  It was really nice. There were some gardens and a huge fountain. They even had an area for shows.  After the long ride we found the perfect thing.

A playground for Little Man to use up some of his energy.  They even had a Rhino he could ride!

While Little Man played i saw a gray squirrel.  We have tan colored ones here at home.

After we checked into our hotel and had some dinner we went walking some more.

This is on Michigan Ave. right before you cross the little bridge over the Chicago River.  After walking across the bridge we made our way to the Lego Store.

Little Man loved it there but Hubby and  I were expecting a bit more.  All that matters is that Little Man liked it.

They had a Swatch Store in the same building so after going in 3 times i finally decided on one. They had a sheep one i loved. It reminded me of The Little Prince but the face was just too big. It looked funny on my little wrists 😦

The next day we went to the whole reason for our trip-The Consulate to renew my passport. They are putting a chip in the passports with your fingerprints and so you had to renew in person.  After that was done we walked over to Navy Pier and played in the Children’s Museum and had a afternoon treat.

After all that walking we were totally beat, especially Little Man and went back to the hotel for a rest before dinner.  I walked around to some shops on my own which was kinda nice.

On Wednesday, we had tickets for the Museum of Science and Industry. It worked out good because Wednesday ended up being a really rainy day. Perfect for being inside the museum.  We went mainly for the Harry Potter exhibit that my mom told me about. It was really neat to see all the clothes, sets, wands and characters from the movies.  You couldn’t take any pictures though 😦  The Museum itself is huge. You start to feel like it is never ending. On section connects to another sections and it keep going and going.  They had some fun hands-on stuff that Little Man liked but he wasn’t all that into the rest.  The other issue was a lot of school field trips were there and Wow the kids were out of control and they don’t care about some little boy that wants a turn or is in the middle of his turn they just jump right in or push you over and take their turn.  it was still nice and we did see some cool things like a chick that had just hatched minuted before we got there.

 A huge train setup

We got to be train engineers

And Little Man “drove” a tractor.

Another day ending with all of us super tired.

Thursday was the last and one of my favorite days.  

So I am saving that one for tomorrow 🙂


2 thoughts on “Chicago Pt. 1

  1. AAAh that was your trip!! I luv Chicago!! Was that your 1st time there??

    And I didn’t know you have to do the fingerprint and chip now on your passport!! So when mine needs renewed I will need to do the same thing???

    What a great trip! Can’t wait to hear about the last day!!

  2. I assume you went to yarnstores on the last day?… *^v^*
    It sounds like a great trip, I would play like a child in those Museums and I always loved Lego! Such a trip a a real treat for a little boy.
    And you photos of Chicago are amazing, I love the glass and steel look of the city.

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