Potholder and Purple Spring

I am still trying to figure out a potholder pattern for my swap.   I really liked this flower one  I came across online.  Whipped up the first one no problems. So of course I can whip up 4 more for the swap.  It wasn’t so.  No matter what I did I couldn’t get my front and back pieces to line up so I could crochet them together.  I think i crocheted with a tighter tension the second time around. But after all that messing around and trying to make it work i was sick of it so “back to the drawing board” as they say.

Pattern: A Flower

Made for: Me now 🙂

Hook: H/8

Notes: I had to make the back bigger to match my front but that was easy. I also added the flower in the middle but my mom gave me that idea. I really like this potholder so i am glad i got to keep it but not so glad that i have to find a different pattern for the swap. Who knew this could be so difficult?


On a more positive note, Check out my Rhododendron:

This is one of my favorite things about Spring.  Especially because those flowers are only there for a couple of weeks and then they are gone until the next Spring. Treasure the short Spring moments 🙂

  Happy Spring!!!


4 thoughts on “Potholder and Purple Spring

  1. These are lovely !!! I think they look really pretty the way they turned out, it looks that it was meant to have that look, with the white edging sticking out from the pink one, it looks decorative to me !

  2. Oh, I’m thinking slowly nowadays, it took me a while to figure out that this is the same potholder and it has two sides, silly me… ^^ It’s so cute I wouldn’t use it at all on pots but just look at it and admire! *^v^*

  3. They’re beautiful. I find I have the same problem when I have to knit two things alike.
    Your Rhododendron is lovely. My neighbor has a huge one that is the same color as yours. We have a small one that is white.

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