Finally! After some breaks and just not wanting to work on Gromit is completed!

Pattern: Gromit from British Woman’s Weekly-not sure what year i just have the pattern not the whole mag. Pattern by Alan Dart.

Dates: March 10-April 13, 2009

Made for: Babsi for Easter

Yarn: Bernat Super Value in Natural for body, head arms and legs,  Bernat Super Value in Walnut for ears and tail, Caron Simply Soft in Black for nose and the eyes are Bernat Satin i think

Needle: US 3/3.25 mm

Notes: Happily I was able to work everything but the arms in the round because  Gromit was a bit more tedious to assemble than Shaun was.

The pattern was very straight forward. I am not a big fan of how his feet were made and when it came to seaming his thumb i had some trouble.  My thumb looks a little smaller  than the picture and one of my pointer fingers is very pointy.  Gives Gromit some Character!

Big change was of course working things in the round and i made some small changes like instead of K2tog right at the start of the row i would knit 1 stitch and then do the K2tog.

I kept having to reposition the arm that is up- wasn’t happy with it and it wasn’t staying out like it should.  I redid the right leg twice also because i wasn’t happy with how it looked.  Left leg looked better and he was sitting better on his left side. Still not perfect but i was happy with it. There really is a lot of moving and adjusting until it is just perfect so make sure you set aside the time to do it right and not rush through. I think that helps.

All in all, I love him! He came out super cute and one day i hope to make one for myself but that day is far off.

And Since this was a Easter Gromit-he needed some ears!!


6 thoughts on “Gromit!!!!

  1. OH EM GEE!!!
    I’m sooooooooooo jealous!! I LOVE HIM!!!
    Now my stuffed mouse really looks a bit sad… maybe I won’t ever take photos of him.
    Ahhh!! I keep staring at Gromit!! He’s AMAZING!!
    Maybe after my sweater……..

  2. So the pattern is not actually written for knitting on circular needles? I don’t know how to do that yet… so maybe I need to hunt down this pattern. Eventually I’ll have to take it on! I love Gromit!!

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