Last Week (picture heavy)

Last Week was busy, fun, sad and extra special for Little Man 🙂

We had a great time while Abuelo was here. It was cold and SNOWING the first couple days he was here. Poor Guy was freezing, he is used to his tropical weather not this cold stuff. It’s supposed to be Spring not winter!

We went to the museum

Little Man was the Wienie in the empty hot dog bun lol 🙂

The Petting Farm

And the Zoo on the last day. We were so lucky that it warmed up enough for us to go.

Everyone was sad when Abuelo had to go-Especially me.

But I had something extra special to get ready for on Saturday:

My Little Man turned 5!  I can’t believe how fast the years go by, makes a Mommy proud and a teeny bit sad.  He is super excited to be 5 and even gained some speed.

He is so cute with his new bike, stopping to check the air in his tires and gas stops 🙂

We had a nice relaxing Easter. Stayed in our Jammies, except for a short bike ride, small dinner, egg dyeing, playing with new toys and a egg hunt.

I hope everyone had a great weekend as well.

Come back Wednesday to see Gromit!!!!

3 thoughts on “Last Week (picture heavy)

  1. OMG, dino-basket for the eggs, how cool is that! *^v^* Happy birthday Little Man!
    Reading your blog for some time now I could observe your son growing and changing, and it’s an amazing secret of Nature (and it happens so fast, especially for the parents, I believe ^^). He looks so proud on his new bike. *^v^*
    It’s always nice to spend some time with members of our families that live far away, we always had our families close but last year Robert’s father moved 300 kms from us and last time we spend some quality time with him and his wife was Christmas, we really couldn’t visit them this Easter.

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