I bought some Shrinky-Dinks quite awhile ago and only used them once and packed them away with all my other craft stash.  Yesterday I thought pulling them out would be something fun for Little Man and I to do. 

We had to use Permanent Marker for the drawings so if you aren’t sure your little one can handle them then used colored pencils (leaves a residue after baking) or i have heard colored pens can work too with little residue.  I trust Little Man and he got most of it on his hands anyway only one little mark on the coffee table.

I knew I wanted to make a bracelet with my shrinky’s so i tried not to go too big.   

Little Man also made me a few pictures that I put on a necklace, he wants a necklace now too.  I also think these could make great gifts for his grandma’s birthday that’s coming up and for his Aunt so if he likes the idea as well we will make some charms for them.

 Little Man just went free and got to do whatever he wanted. Of course when he saw I was making charms he wanted to make charms as well and I helped make the holes until he was able to do it all by himself. (The ones with the names are mine but he wanted to keep them)

He loves them! This morning he even started drawing some more.

I will have to get more of this “magical paper” soon.

I am joining the Crocheted Potholder Swap if you would like to join in on the fun then you have until Saturday to join…Go on Join 🙂


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