What’s On and Off the needles

Things are moving very slowly over here.  I have too many things going at once-i don’t know how other people do it and get stuff done 🙂

To keep from neglecting my poor blog i decided to update my progress on my Wip’s because there has been some.

First up is the Mystery Shawl i started the last week of June:

Poor thing still looks the same.

In October i started some Mystery socks from Through the Loops:

I really liked this pattern but i think i made them a tad to big and on one i seriously messed up something on the heel and i just wasn’t happy with them so…

Frogged.  I will be coming back to the pattern one day soon!

In January i realized everything i was working on was kind of complicated. So i decided to cast on for the Combo-T Corset by Annie Modesitt for some good quality travel and mindless knitting.  It has been perfect for that. The only time i work on it is when i take Little Man to his Karate and Fitness classes so not a lot is done but i am getting closer and closer to my 24 inches with every class.

To satisfy my need for a blanket of yarny goodness and because i have made no progress at all on my blanket of sock-yarn squares i thought i would try something quicker…Crochet

This is the Soft Wave pattern from Jan Eaton’s 200 Ripple Stitches.

My colors look a bit truer in the bottom picture but my yellow and turqouise  aren’t quite so loud.

I have a crochet curtain waiting for some curly strands and so it’s hanging patiently in the window like this

And to add to all the craziness i have started a new pattern…Yeah i know can you believe it but my mom requested Gromit for easter to keep her Shaun company and at the time i thought “Oh no problem i will be all caught up on my backlog.”  I was wrong.


After Gromit there is going to be some serious WIP butt kicking around here, it has gotten way out of hand. Who let it get this way????  All you designers need to stop making so many good patterns just for a couple months 🙂

And hopefully Little Man will forget just for a little bit that he wants me to make him This.

There is some really good unrelated news .  I had another visit to the retinal specialist today and my eye looks great, fluid was all dried up.  Yippee.

Must Go Knit…

3 thoughts on “What’s On and Off the needles

  1. Whoa!! You’ve been doing a lot over there!

    Love the corset! And hate it about the socks. All of your F.O.s and WIPs are looking good!

    Keep staying busy with the hooks & needles!! 🙂

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