Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Love…are you all feeling the love today?  I hope so but i hope you feel it everyday!  I am feeling the love not just from my family but also from my friends! 

Stacey  sent me a Valentine with some very sweet words on the inside!!!  Thank you so much.  It was such a wonderful surprise to find that in my mailbox and put a big smile on my face.

I had to stay up until 1:30 in the morning but i finished my Valentine’s gift for Little Man on time!  

Creature of the mystery paw is revealed…

It’s a cat!  We have two cats and Little Man just loves them and likes to pretend he is a cat so i thought i would knit him one.  I bought this pattern over a year ago for myself but when i pulled it back out I thought he would love it.  I had planned to have this hanging out of his Christmas stocking but with my whole eye drama i never got to do it.  Then i was just going to make it just to surprise him but i realized he would make a really cute V-day gift.  Nothing says Love like a knitted item 🙂

Pattern: Muswell by Jennie Eveleigh Lamond

Dates: Jan 23-Feb 14, 2009

Made for: Little Man

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice

Needles: Size 2.75 mm double points

Notes: I followed the pattern as written besides 5 teeny things.  Row 14 on the hands, the last row of the muzzle and the last row of the ears she has you doing K 3 tog and it was hard enough at times trying to do k2tog at time that i didn’t even try to stuggle. I just did S 1 K2tog PSSO.  Much easier on my already aching hands 🙂

You are using small needles with thick yarn and the tighter tension is rough on my hands so i works on this in parts and even took an evening break now and then. 

I did have some problems with the muzzle-i just did the muzzle last night and i couldn’t find any patterns errors online quickly so i winged it and just did it my way. It turned out fine but i do want to look into it more for future reference and if i find anything i will post it. It could also be that i just kept messing up over and over 🙂

The little fingers are a pain to do. You start out with 3 sts and have to join thme in the round but once you do a couple of them you get the hang of it and they aren’t hard anymore.

The pattern also has directions for a dress which i am not making at this point. I did make the cat a collar with a heart tag and if we ever decide on a name i am going to embroider the name or the first letter of the name onto the tag.

I am so happy with how he came out and Little Man loved him too.  He had the best face when i first brought him out holding the chocolate part of his gift. i couldn’t have asked for a better reaction-Makes a knitter happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  1. Your Muswell looks great! I’m so glad that your boy liked it! All of the animals in the Ariadne petting zoo have interchangeable clothing, so the clothes that fit one will fit another, if you prefer the clothing from another toy. The muzzle originally had a mistake in it, and it is possible that you have a copy with a mistake. You can always email me or Ariadne’s shop ladies to get the corrected version. I would love to put a picture of your smiling little boy on my blog holding Muswell, would you be okay with that?

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