Joining the Masses

Ahem…someone in this house  has joined the knitting community and has knit a


Little Man asked me to make him a hat with stripes and ear flaps and after hearing so much and seeing so many Thorpes i decided it would be perfect for Little Man.

He loves it!  And i love how it looks on him.  If you tie the strings up it pulls the ear flaps in very nicely and keep him super cozy and warm.  I will be making more, one for me and maybe next year for hubby.

Pattern: Thorpe

Made for: Little Man

Size: 20 inch/medium  it is a little big on Little Man but this way he will be able to use it next year as well

Dates: Jan 31-Feb 1, 2009, very quick knit 🙂

Yarns: Universal Yarn Classic Chunky in Flannel & Navy

Needles: 9

Notes: The first couple rows are a bit finicky, i actually found it easier to work on 3 Dps for 4 rows or so until i had enough sts to move to having 4 dps to work off of.

Pattern is well written and moves along quickly.  It is quite addicting-i already chose the yarn from my stash for mine but i haven’t started knitting it yet-i have some other things to finish first.

For the foodies out there here is a picture of Hubby’s first sushi that he made this weekend:

Well i am off to play with my guy and Tomorrow we are going to Elmo Grows Up 🙂 Hope you all have a great weekend-Hopefully after this weekend i will be able to reveal who the black and white paw belongs to.


4 thoughts on “Joining the Masses

  1. I came here for the knitting, but I am commenting for the sushi! Yum. I bought my husband a little sushi kit for Christmas that we have yet to use (laziness). Maybe this week we’ll get around to trying it.

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