Knitting Goddess

My mom’s birthday was last Friday and with all my catching up from Christmas knitting i really didn’t have the time for a bigger project to make for her.  I got her a couple books of her wish list, a super cool vase and some other small things.  I did want to throw in something small and handmade so i made her a little goddess.

Well okay it’s not really a goddess but that what i like to call her.  She is a Sit-ster from The Natural Knitter.

I just used some scraps of yarn for her body and hair. Malabrigo, mohair, crazy yarn with fluffs in itI really like how she came out-kind of bohemian. She has pipe cleaners in her body so she is nice and bendy and makes for some fun.

It was an easy knit and went quickly,  I would like to make more of these-for myself 😉 and others.

My mom hasn’t opened her gift yet so i am not sure how she liked it but i think she will.

I haven’t made much progress on my old projects but i did start a new one 🙂 🙂 🙂  Something cute for Little Man, hopefully for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a paw-only 3 more to go. Those little fingers are a pain to make but i am thinking happy thoughts.

Yesterday we went to Ikea to for a comforter for hubby and ended up with a bit more than planned.

Goodbye Little Bed

Hello Big Boy Bed

Little Man loves his new bed and the little fort area on the bottom. I like that it opens up a bit more floor space because he needs it with all the stuff he has-it’s amazing how quickly things  multiply and take over.

This morning after his first night in the bed-i asked how he slept and he said “Really Good and i put my head out”  At first i thought our from under the canopy thing and he said no the pillow.  Ohh, see Little Man has a star and planet night light (also from Ikea) well once that turns off he puts his head under his pillow to sleep because he is afraid of the dark in his room.  So i think that’s a good sign that the new bed is a winner 🙂 yay! I want one too 🙂


3 thoughts on “Knitting Goddess

  1. Bloglines still isn’t seeing you:(
    The Goddess is wonderful. Your mom will love her.
    Little Man’s new bed is fabulous. We’ve admired that bed on our trips to Ikea.
    You had asked me about Kumon. We pay about $100 a month. That is for only the math program. They also offer reading for the same price. The program consists of daily worksheets (N does either 5 or 6 a day) and one visit a week at the center where he does another set of worksheets and gets any help he needs. Be sure to check out the web site if you’re interested. Also on their web site you can find a local center and order a brochure. If the price seems high to you check with your local center. There are parents at ours who work a few hours each week in exchange for their tuition.

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