Making Bird Feeders, I Mean Squirrel Feeders

Before Christmas and the whole right eye problems, My mom and I painted and glittered pine cones.  She ended up having quite a few left over.  We took a bag of pine cones home with us and decided to cover them with peanut butter and bird seed and feed our bird friends during this super cold and snowy winter.

1) Get some peanut butter

2) Spread peanut butter on

3) Roll in the bird food mix

And Voila!  Bird Food Pine Cones

Only thing is-the birds had no interest in them at all.  Sunday, after breakfast, we went out to play in the snow and noticed only one pince cone and been eaten and by a squirrel.  He was still trying to get little bits off the pine cone and so we went and grabbed the other pine cones from the back and put them at the bottom of the tree for him and i hung one up close to him. He never ran away the whole time!! The pine cone i hung up kept him busy and while he was nibbling on that other squirrels came and grabbed up the pine cones from the ground but they came when we were in the back. We happened to see one running in the street with a pine cone in his mouth and one diving under a car when we came back to the front. Happy Happy Squirrels and Little Man got a kick out of it as well.

And after some Hot Cocoa and Lunch, my guys went in Daddy’s workshop to do some forging.

Little Man wasn’t down there long but he liked getting to do something daddy does.


3 thoughts on “Making Bird Feeders, I Mean Squirrel Feeders

  1. LOL at the squirrels!
    I have a bird feeder and the birds love it… unfortunately, so does one particular squirrel. He climbs all the way up this huge tree and jumps over onto the roof and then scrambles down onto my patio (I live on the third floor!) just for the bird seed.
    I ended up buying special corn on the cob for him and it’s funny when I see the empty cobs out front in the bushes! I can’t believe he manages to drag them down there!

    I like the pinecone bird feeders… maybe you’d have more luck with them (and birds) in the spring?

    Ooooh… here is a shot from my feeder. It’s down at the bottom of the post:
    and this one:

    You know, I have better photos of the feeder with cool birds… I guess I just never posted them. *sigh*

  2. oh yeah, a few left over … not to mention the ones that were still wet and closed when I got them and that I stored under the plant shelf near the heat vent to open up to their full glory. And open they did! In fact, so nice and huge that they no longer fit through the opening to get out from underneath the plant shelf. Soooo … (re)move plants … etc., etc.
    awwww, I’ll have to feed my squirrel, too … that fucker that ripped out my blooming avocado seed, and my rare succulent. Maybe a hint of E605 along with that peanut butter would set him straight.
    I like that workshop – nice anvil :).

  3. The squirrels can be so cute, they live in most big parks in Warsaw and always wait for the nuts from the visitors. *^v^* The cones with seeds is a great idea, I’ll tell about them my MiL, she prepared the bird feeders in front of her house but she may like that idea, too. ^^

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