Pattern: Cosima from Berroco booklet #281

Dates: Nov 1, 2008-Jan. 5, 2009

Made for: Me but i have a feeling i will be giving it away.

Yarn: Lana Grossa Due

Needles: Size 8 and 10

Notes: I don’t think i am happy with how this turned out.   The buttons i like, the back i like, the sleeves i like but the front not so much.  I don’t like how the neckline lays on me, i wish it were a bit higher up. Personally i think i could have gotten away with making a Medium instead of a Large.

I did make a few changes-the first one being i cast on for the size medium thinking Large would be too much.  So I cast on the amount of stitches they give you for a Medium but then i decreased the stitch count to that of the Large size.  I really did this for no reason. I just… ahem… didn’t read ahead in the pattern.

I also picked up more stitches for the neckline then the pattern did-i guess i thought it was odd that all the sizes picked up the same amount of neckline stitches.  It may be part of my neckline problem and i haven’t decided if redoing the neckline will really make much improvement. 

I don’t have much luck with the sweaters i make for myself-Hopefully the next one will be better.


2 thoughts on “Cosima

  1. I was so delighted to see you finished a garment! Yay!

    But as you already pointed it may have fitted better as a medium. Funny how we always think we are bigger than what we really are!!

    Great work anyhow and I like the color!

  2. How come I missed several of your posts? They all just appeared together on my Bloglines…
    I love the colour you chose, well done! As for the collar, you could move the buttons a bit and it might change the low neckline. Just a thought. ^^

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