Shaun the Sheep

Pattern: Shaun the Sheep by Alan Dart, Patons 2240 and was also published in Woman’s Weekly long time ago. I got my copy on eBay.

Dates: Nov. 11-Dec. 19, 2008

Made for: Babsi

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice in Black and White. Joann’s Sensations Angel Hair, white. and for the sweater some  leftover yarn i had.

Needles: Size 8 double points

Notes: I did use thicker yarn and needles than the pattern calls for so that way he would be a little bit bigger.

After looking at other Shaun Sheep on Ravelry i read that another knitter had knit her shaun in the round.  Since i dislike seaming so greatly i decided to try that as well.  I was able to knit the tail, body, neck, head, eyes, ears and head tuft in the round.  I started on of the legs in the round but for some reason it came out looking funny so i decided to work the legs flat like in the pattern.  Over all the pattern was very easy to follow and had no mistakes that i noticed. In my copy of the pattern, from the magazine, the ear instructions are titles Legs-no biggie.

Assembling Shaun also went okay until it was time to attach his head to his neck.  I went through the head and neck with so much yarn to make it stiff and keep from falling all the way forward.  Later after putting on the sweater i found out i didn’t have to quite so much because the neck on the sweater helps keep his head up a little as well.  The sweater only helps a little so you want to make sure you do stabilize the head and neck well.

For the sweater i chose just to make it in a color my mom likes than the one in the pattern. The pattern sweater is modeled after what Shaun was wearing in A Close Shave.   I knit the front and back flat and then picked up stitches around the sleeve and knit them in the round.  The sweater fits him pretty snuggly and that is my fault, i should have adjusted the stitch count slightly to make up for using the thicker yarn on Shaun.

I would say the knitting for this pattern is not hard but the assembly does take time, patience and maybe even some adjusting.

Finally,  it was so hard to give this guy away-he turned out way better than i thought he would. I do want to make myself one of these but it won’t be for awhile.   He was received with a squeal of “Oh! How Cute.” so i know he is being loved.

Tomorrow a Goat 🙂


5 thoughts on “Shaun the Sheep

  1. oooooh!
    I found your website because I was looking for the bear book I saw at the local knitting store so I could show a friend. I’m learning to knit for the first time tomorrow! Yay!
    But I love Shaun the Sheep!
    I hope I get good enough to do stuff like this and the bears!

  2. Okay… so I learned the garter stitch and have been knitting a… umm… thing. And my hands hurt. Hopefully knitting will make them stronger.
    But anyway, so I look at my “thing” and I look at Shaun and I want to cry because I can’t imagine ever making him. And he is so cute!
    I’ll keep knitting my thing though…
    And I’m going to the knitting meetup again tomorrow so they can laugh at my thing. : )
    But eventually…
    Shaun will be mine!

  3. Hi

    I love him my partner and I just adore Shaun. Do you still have the pattern to knit Shaun, I have looked everywhere for a pattern but have not had any luck. I want to surprise my partner and knit him Shaun. I love knitting and do a lot of knitting for Guardian a charity organisation in Australia who then donate the knitting to poor countries around the world.


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