No Restrictions

I am back, well i have been back for about a week but there are a few things that i missed doing for Christmas that i did during New Year’s Week and then just catching up on everything.

Wow, my eye has been through quite a bit.  The Good News is that i haven’t had to have surgery but i still have some fluid/detachment.  I have to keep going back and checking the progress of how that is doing and hopefully it won’t be long and my body will absorb the fluid and all will be well.   Over the time i was gone i had two Cryo treatments, 4 laser treatments and a treatment where they put bubbles in your eye. The bubbles are supposed to form one big bubble and then that bubble pushes on the area where the problems are and helps hold it in place. The goal is that it holds it all up and everything can heal in place. Well to do this i had to lay on my left side for 55 mins out of every hour.  After two days i was totally tired of it and on Christmas when we went in to see how i was doing and the doctor told me it wasn’t doing as well as it hoped and we would give it one more day, if it was still the same then surgery.  I broke down.  I cried all the way home. Not only was my eye not better, but i had to spent my whole christmas day in bed doing nothing on my left side and i really felt like one more day wasn’t going to make a difference.  And i wasn’t looking forward to any surgery but after laying there again,  my left side complaining because it didn’t want to be laid on anymore, I decided i was going in on Friday and telling them “Give Me the Surgery!”  I did just that even before the Doc looked at my eye.  He looked anyway of course agreed that it looked like that was our only option left and went to make phone calls.  To do the operation they have to have two doctors and he called the other doctor and they talked for some time and the other doctor wanted to come in and see my eye.  I guess it was bothering both of them that i had such a small tear and detachment now (the other stuff had worked a little) and why wasn’t it getting better and really they didnt want to do such a huge surgery that would change the shape of my eye and prescription for something so little. So he came and looked and asked me some Q’s. His biggest question was whether i was sure i had no symptoms prior to this(symptoms include floaters, flashing lights or loss of vision in the affected area) , Had it been seen just by chance.  Because that was important to decide their next step.  The second doc said my eye looked pretty good and really at this point there was a 75% chance that my eye would stay just like that and never get worse if they left it alone and did no treatment.  He decided our next move would be lasering all around really good and covering all our areas and that should solve all my problems.  He said when someone comes in asking for surgery that means they are Done, drained emotionally,  want it all to be done with and he could understand that.  He did the lasering and said it all looked really good. The best part was he said “YOU HAVE NO RESTRICTIONS”  I could do whatever i wanted!!  I teared up with joy!!!!  I did do some laundry and dishes when i got home, i was so happy to be doing anything even house work but my eye was pretty sore after all the lasering that i didn’t do much else.  I just went back this past Friday and it’s looking really good but i do still have some fluid that they have to keep an eye on, so i go back in two weeks.  I am so thankful that things are getting better and hope they continue to do so. Thank you all for your support, kind words and prayers.  They do mean a lot.

I have been catching up on my knitting during the last week and finished Christmas presents.  So my goal for this week is a FO post everyday.

Tomorrow-Shaun the Sheep.

A bit late but Happy New Year to all you! I hope 2009 brings some improvements and more importantly that everyone is  Happy and Healthy!!


2 thoughts on “No Restrictions

  1. Oh, darling!… It must have been so hard for you, I would do exactly the same – I would go there and asked for a surgery just to have it all done!
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your recovery and waiting anxiously for your knitting projects! *^v^*

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