Doing Better

Thank you all for your kind words 🙂  They helped quite a bit and i have really been trying to focus on postive things.

Knitting is still slow but i do have all my pieces for Cosima done-now i just have to seam them together and do the neckline.  But tonight’s focus is Shaun the Sheep-i only have to make eyes and ears and then the dreaded seaming and assembling can start.

I also started another Christmas gift that wasn’t on the original list and its the bathroom mat from purlbee.  I am going to make it for hubby since he always uses his towels on the floor. This might be a knit he will actually use 🙂 I am using my cotton stash for it so it’s going to have some strange colors but i am keeping to my goal of stash knitting only that way!!

And Joanna tagged me-so here are my answers 🙂

1) Is this your first blog?    Yes and No.  This is the third site i have used for blogging so the name has changed 3 times and been in 3 different places but it has always been about the same thing-my crafting and tidbits of my life. Originally i focused only on knitting but life comes in sometimes and you can’t help it and then while i always had other crafts, they were set aside when i first started knitting and they have come back when i needed a break or was inspired.

2)How long have you had it? Ummm good question-about a year and a half-i will have to look after i finish this post.

3)Why did you start?  I started it to follow the crowd-i saw other blogs out there about knitting and i wanted to share my things and hopefully meet like-minded people and make some new friends.

4) What does this blog mean to you?  it’s my outlet about knitting mainly but also a way for me to talk to my friends that i have made.  It’s my way to communicate what i am feeling and a place i know i can go to and not be judged or looked down on. And also a place where i can write about what i have done and maybe help someone with a way i did something or to point them out a way to go. And it’s my place to get a pat on the back when i have finished something because honestly-Hubby just isn’t as good at it as you guys 🙂

And if you read this-consider yourself tagged-teehee 🙂

Must stop avoiding the sheep-off to make some ears and eyes 🙂


2 thoughts on “Doing Better

  1. The bathroom mat is a great idea but it wouldn’t work for our bathroom – our kitty started to play a strange game recently, whenever she can she sneaks into the bathroom (when we cannot see it) and she starts to attack the rubber mat we have on the floor!… It looks all shattered from her claws! I don’t know where she got this idea from but it’s rather annoying.
    Thank you for joining the tag fun. *^v^*

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