It’s cold, i have lost my knitting mojo, my holiday spirit is waning and things are just tough right now.  i know we aren’t the only ones who are having a hard time but it brings you down and it’s scary.

In an attempt for some cheer-i did manage this adorable little guy for Little Man’s advent calendar.

I love how he turned out 🙂 Just too cute.

He is from the Winter 2009 of Living Crafts and its by Chris de Longpré.

I just used scraps of acrylic yarn that i had in my sack of remants-some Bernat and Caron Simply Soft.

He was knit in the round and went quickly. In the pattern the eyes and buttons were made with French Knots but i just backstitched around the one knit stitch where i placed the eyes and buttons.

i hope Little Man likes him as much as i do.


3 thoughts on “Brrrr

  1. The snowman is absolutely the cutest! Little man will love him.
    I know how you feel. I’ve lost my blogging mojo. I am so not in the mood for the holidays. I haven’t even started shopping yet…

  2. That’s the greatest Christmas idea I have ever seen! Perfect for those in Australia, who have Christmas just when their Summer is starting (and to be frank – they never have real snow Down Under! ^^)
    My holiday spirit is in a similar condition, I really don’t like Christmas at all, because when I think of it I recall queues in shops, quarrells with my mom, tons of food and that’s it. I wish it was January already…

  3. Gurl yes this has been a hard year for me overall, and even harder at the end.
    I will just say I know the one thing I know for sure is just to Trust in God! Truly!!

    I am sure your knitting mojo will be back soon! *hugs*

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