Besides just being a slow knitter and easily side-tracked. There is another reason i haven’t been getting much knitting done lately.

I have been sewing!! Lots and Lots of sewing.

96 pieces of stocking shape, main fabric and lining fabric

24 felt stars, cut

24 pieces of ribbon

Yards of thread and silver metallic DMC floss

Cut, Sew, Cut, Embroider, Sew On, Sew Together and VOILA!!

A Stocking Advent Calendar:

(please excuse the background but i don’t really have much that is solid colored-so i used Little Man’s blanket)

I am so happy with how this turned out, i have wanted to make an advent calendar for a long time. I was gonna make a wall one at first but last year i set my mind on a stocking calendar.  There was a few points where i thought i would never get it done in time and wondered what i had gotten myself into but IT”S DONE and i couldnt be happier.

Now i just figure out how i am going to hang it up and Where?? Before that comes the fun part-filling it with goodies.  I like to do a couple small toys and some chocolate. I also had my Grandma send me some Kinder Überraschungs Ei also known as Kinder Surprise. I loved these as a child and have a big box of all the prizes i collected that Little Man likes to play with. He is always trying to take coins from us so i am going to put some coins in some of the pockets. Pretty much like how my grandma always used to make for me 🙂

But now-back to knitting!!!!


3 thoughts on “Ta-Daaa!!!

  1. Ooh that is so wonderful!! Haha! @ orange background…I was thinking..wait…is it a advent blanket calendar?? LOL

    I love how you are building great holiday memories for little man!

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