Don’t be fooled

I know it may seem like i got a lot during my illness but i promise you last weekend all i did was lay in bed and try not to move too much, most of that knitting was done middle of the week.  On Monday i was able to get some stuff done until the headache came back in the afternoon, same on Tuesday. Wednesday i finally gave in and went to the store and got some Sinus Headache pills-wow what a big help and since then i have been better and also no more medicine over the weekend.  I say gave in because growing up in my house we didn’t do medicine.  You just waited out until you felt better and you still had to keep up with chores.  The medicine thing has kinda stuck with me, i only take something when i am just so miserable i can’t take anymore. BUT now when i get sick you will not get me out of bed unless i have to, I milk it for all its worth lol-i know-Pathetic 🙂

I haven’t done much since Saturday but i did meet my goal of getting the left side decreasing of Cosima written out and knitted up. I even started the right side last night 🙂

Other than that we has some snow yesterday and today:

And my kitty has such a hard life doesn’t he?

Keep warm 🙂


2 thoughts on “Don’t be fooled

  1. Cats do work hard, don’t they? Try to sleep 18 hours a day and you will see how difficult it is, to wander from place to place to find the best possible spot for relaxation, and then all these fur cleaning and combing… *^v^*
    Yesterday I started homeopathy treatment for my cold, I hope it works soon. ^^

  2. Sometimes with the sinus stuff you just have to take something to knock it out. The headache will go on for days and days otherwise.
    Snow…we saw a few flakes yesterday. I’m not really looking forward to it.

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