FO and What’s on the Needles

I have been absent for the a little while and it was mostly due to my illness and once i finally started getting better i had to play catch up on everything.  This one was a bad one and i don’t think it’s gone yet. I think it was a Sinus Cold or something along those lines.  It was something i had never had before and i had this headache mostly in my forehead and moving my head to much especially up and down made it all worse. I still have a very small headache but nothing like what i had last weekend.

But i have gotten some knitting done. While i was sick it suddenly hit me how close to Christmas we are getting and if i want to make anyone anything i better figure it out.  I started with my grandma in Germany since i have to mail her package out by the first of December to make sure it gets to her on time cause you just never know with the postal service especially if you are sending something overseas. 

Omi asked for another Bainbridge Scarf (pdf) and i was happy to oblige. She picked the yarn out herself while she was here. It is Patons Rumor, an acrylic and alpaca blend yarn.  Rumor is a bulky yarn so i had to make some adjustments to make it the same size and the one in the pattern.  I ended up using size 9 circulars and cast on 90 sts and then followed the pattern.  For the ties i only cast on 2 stitches and worked as in pattern. It’s an easy and straightforward pattern and i am glad Omi liked her first so much that she asked for another.

Next up is my mom:  I have a Shaun planned for her and maybe one more thing-we’ll see.

I have his head, head fluff, neck, body, tail and one leg done. I was able to work everything but his front leg in the round so far to cut down on seaming.

Then i got some yarn on Ebay and Ravelry

to make this for Little Man but i don’t think it will be a present i just want to make it because i really liked it the moment i saw it in the magazine, Verena Stricken Winter 2007/08. I actually forgot about until i decided to go through all my mags and try and clean some out that i know i just don’t need.

And we can’t forget about Cosima-i am almost done with the left front panel but i got to where i start decreasing the neckline and it’s not hard just very wordy and do this so many times on these many rows and your eyes kinda cross and your brain starts to hurt as you reread to make sure you understand and start figuring out in your head 🙂 and after a few rows you start to decrease for the armhole as well so you are doing 2 things at once. I decided to set it aside until i got better and was alone to i could sit down and write it out a bit easier for myself-that’s my goal for tomorrow because i really should have finished this cardigan by now.

whew, i think i am all caught up and this should be the last of these extended breaks.


3 thoughts on “FO and What’s on the Needles

  1. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well. There have been some very nasty colds passing though our house too.
    You sure have gotten a lot done even with being sick. The sweater for Little Man is going to be wonderful. The yarn is lovely.

  2. Gurl you got more done feeling sick than I do at 100% LOL ;op

    Luv the soon to be sweater for little man! Great yarn buys!

    Hope you are back to good ole self again very soon! *hugs*

  3. The sheep is soooo cute and the yarn for the sweater – beautiful! You were very productive while being ill, I spent the last two days in bed, not knitting a single stitch! But I read a lot and slept most of the time.

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