Batman, FO and a new WIP

Halloween went really well this year and Little Man had a good time. We did twice as many blocks as last year and he didn’t complain about being tired.  i did notice that there were a lot less houses that passed out candy this year but i wasn’t really surprised and we still have a huge bowl of candy that calls to me every time i pass by it.

Yesterday Little Man got to wear his costume one more time. They were doing a special activity related to their new exhibit Out of This World. They had lots of cool outfits from different movies and TV show. Important to my boys was the Star Wars for the older boy and Batman for the younger boy 🙂 Here is Batman himself by his Bat-mobile!

The exhibit was pretty neat but they has some activities listed on the website page that we didn’t find at the museum and there wasn’t anything posted about where it was supposed to be.   That has happened there before or they have the activities that are related to the exhibit in an area that is nowhere by the exhibit. But one shouldn’t complain after all it was free since we are members.

But on to some knitting. I have had a FO since Wednesday to show off!!

Project: February Beret

Dates: Oct 10-Oct 29, 2008

Yarn: Caron Spa in Ocean Spray

Needles: Size 5 in 16 inch circs and then Dps

Notes: Easy pattern, kinda dragged on for me not sure why. Yarn i used was splitty and a pain sometimes when i was trying to do K2togs with my not so sharp and point needles. But it is so soft and i really like it for the beret. I didn’t really make any changed to the pattern. I did knit the lace for maybe a half an inch more but that wasn’t really intentional it was just when i stopped. Also when i picked up sts from the I-cord edge i just picked up one stitch per stitch instead of the amount she had in the pattern and then when it was time to increase i didn’t increase as much since i already had some extra stitches. I did it mainly because that was easier than trying to figure out the spacing to increase evenly.  I have the tendency to avoid those kind of things if i can 🙂  All in all good outcome and easy pattern.

Even though i have plenty of WIP’s i have started a new project-Cosima from Berroco booklet #281.

I am already zooming along on the back piece-it’s fun knitting with this bulky yarn(Lana Grossa Due, discontinued)  and getting so much done!! 

The pattern is turning out better than i thought it would with this yarn so i am very pleased about that. Knitting this back piece was a bit of a pain at first but now it’s easy peasy.  Since one half mirrors the other half there is a lot jumping around when reading the chart but you get used to it quickly. 

I am worried that i won’t have enough yarn but i already knew that going into this and when i picked the cardigan so i may have to make my sleeves a little shorter. No big deal at least its not a surprise when i am nearing the end 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Can you believe it’s November already-time goes by so fast, treasure it!


4 thoughts on “Batman, FO and a new WIP

  1. I’m glad to hear that Little Man had such a great time on Halloween. N lasted a little longer this year than last too. Before we know it they will be begging us to keep going when we’re tired and want to go home.
    The beret is beautiful.
    I hope you have enough yarn for your cardigan. The color is lovely.

  2. Wow, what a great costume Little Man had! We don’t have the tradition of dressing up and collecting candies on Halloween in Poland, maybe because we mostly live in blocks of flats, not individual houses, and it would be odd to visit all the neighbours, floor by floor… *^v^*
    Great beret! And I’m looking forward to you version of Cosima, I’ve been thinking about knitting it myself one day. ^^

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